Advice When Using Master Service Agreements (MSAs) with Clients

A Master Service Agreement is an agreement between you as a service provider and your customer. These documents are quite varied and have quite a bit of room for customization, because the nature of the services dictates how the contract is laid out. This guide will help you customize your Master Service Agreement template and use it effectively with your clients.

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PDF Template - master service agreement template

In This Guide We Will Cover:

  • Common Sections of a Master Service Agreement
  • Clauses to Personalize
  • Tips for Using Contracts with Clients
  • Additional Resources for Understanding MSAs

Common Sections of a Master Service Agreement Template

In your Master Service Agreement Template, you will see sections for:

  • Contact information for Service Provider
  • How Service Provider is paid
  • Deadlines for completion and deliverable
  • Scope of Services
  • Compensation for Services
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • Term and Termination
  • Governing Law of the state that oversees the agreement

Clauses to Include

As you plan your Master Service Agreement template, make sure it includes these important protections:

  • Independent Contractor ClauseThis outlines the fact that the Service Provider is an independent contractor, not an employee.
  • Access ClauseThis requests that the client provides the Service Provider with access to the property and location for the work to be completed based on the Scope of Services outlined in the contract.
  • Insurance Requirements ClauseIf you are going to provide any insurance, this clause outlines what that is and how you will provide proof to your client.
  • Confidentiality Clause A Service Provider sometimes has access to confidential information. This clause indicates you will not share that information without your client’s permission. It is helpful protection that clients appreciate.
  • Term and Termination ClauseThis states when the contract is complete and how the termination of the agreement is handled.
  • Indemnification and Release ClauseThis clause indicates that the Service Provider will not hold the Client liable should damage arise during the course of the normal work.
  • Exclusivity ClauseHere you can state that both the Service Provider and the Client are not under any type of exclusive contract and are free to form similar agreements and contracts with others if they need to.
  • Notice ClauseThis section states how any changes or requests about the agreement are handled, typically in writing and delivered to the Client or Service Provider’s address. To make it easier, include the address in the contract.
  • Warranty ClauseAny workmanship warranty is outlined here.

Using Contracts with Clients

When presenting a client with a Master Service Agreement, you may face some pushback. Not all service providers use contracts, so your clients may be unfamiliar with this. Here are some practices you can use to make the contract feel natural:

  • Let your clients know right away that you will be using a contract. If they ask questions, explain that it protects both of you.
  • Be clear in what the contract outlines, and show how it protects your client as well as yourself.
  • Keep the contract as short as possible. Clients aren’t going to read a lengthy contract, and it might scare them away. Using a Master Service Agreement template will help you limit unnecessary wordiness in your contract.
  • Send the contract in a timely manner and before starting any work for full legal protection.
  • Use Nitro Sign to collect your signatures easily and securely.

Additional Resources for Understanding MSAs

As you use MSAs with your clients, consider these resources to help you understand them:

Make a Master Service Agreement Template Official with Signature and Date

once you have customized a Master Service Agreement template, add the effective date and get the signature of both the Service Provider and Client. This makes it official so the work can move forward. Nitro Sign makes collecting electronic signatures simple. Sign up for a free trial to see how it works for yourself.

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