Advice for People Using Confidentiality Agreements

Having a confidentiality agreement is an important way to protect information that shouldn't be shared. It could be sensitive medical information, intellectual property, new developments that don't have a patent yet, and more. To help keep your business successful, you may need to use this kind of agreement. A confidentiality agreement template can help. Here's what to think about.

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If you have a good confidentiality agreement template, you can simply fill in the details for your company and the kind of information being protected. Then you'll have plenty of confidence in the legal protection you've created.

In this article, we'll cover:

  • Important Clauses
  • Best Practices for Confidentiality Agreements
  • Tips for a Secure Agreement
  • Key Considerations
  • Related Sources

Important Clauses in Confidentiality Agreements

Confidentiality agreements require some specific clauses, to make sure property is protected. But you also have to be careful that you're not adding in anything that would restrict the legal rights of the other party to the contract. Wording matters, and a confidentiality agreement template will help reduce any chances of improper phrasing that could lead to legal risks. Some of the most important clauses are:

  1. Specifics of the Information -- People need to know what they can and cannot disclose, as not all of the information they'll be given for their work is going to be confidential.
  2. Obligations of the Parties -- Both parties to the contract will have obligations that they are required to meet. It's not just about what the employee can and can't do, but about your company, as well.
  3. Times When Information Could be Disclosed -- There are times when it's still legal to disclose confidential information, such as when an employee is subpoenaed in a legal case. These kinds of disclosures don't violate the agreement.
  4. Penalties for Violating the Agreement -- There have to be penalties for violation, or there's no threat to the employees who violate the agreement. A strong confidentiality agreement template will make that clear to the parties.

When you ensure that these clauses are in your confidentiality agreement template, and that the details are clearly spelled out, you'll have confidence that your legal interests are protected. Even though you cannot technically control whether someone breaks that confidence, you can ensure that there are legal consequences for someone who would make that choice.

Confidentiality Agreement Best Practices

By choosing a confidentiality agreement template, you will already have the needed legal language provided for you. That way, you don't have to worry that you left something out, or be concerned that you included something that could void or invalidate the agreement. With security and peace of mind, you can confidently move forward and get your confidentiality agreement signed.

Be sure you're filling in all the details before signing, though, and that you've thought through everything that needs to be covered. In short:

  • Keep the boilerplate, and highlight things that were changed.
  • Don't make changes to terms you've already agreed to.
  • Be sure everything in the confidentiality agreement is complete before sending it to be signed.

If you're taking on a new employee, they should be pretty clear about what will be in your confidentiality agreement. If there are substantial differences from what's normal or standard in your industry, it's worth making them aware of that before they sign on the dotted line.

How to Provide a Secure Confidentiality Agreement

It's very important to make sure your confidentiality agreement is signed properly, and a big part of that is getting it sent securely. To do that, you can use Nitro Sign for signing all your important documents. It's fast and easy, and can help provide security and peace of mind for all parties to the agreement.

Key Considerations for a Confidentiality Agreement

Among the biggest considerations for a confidentiality agreement include:

  • Wording that keeps your company away from legal problems.
  • Clarity for everyone who signs the agreement.
  • A direct explanation of potential consequences
  • Security for all of the parties included.

With a confidentiality agreement template, it's easier and more convenient than ever to keep your business advancing the way it should, and protected for the future. You and your company can have peace of mind, and so can any employees you hire, because the confidentiality agreement will be clear.

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