Important Considerations for Your Cleaning Contract Template

Looking for a professional cleaning contract template to use with clients for your business? Look no further. We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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PDF Template - cleaning contract template

Below we’ll cover:

  • Why It’s Important to Have a Cleaning Contract
  • What to Include in Your Contract
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Tips on Getting Your Contracts Signed Fast

A cleaning contract is an important document to have on hand when you own a cleaning business or do housekeeping work on the side. A contract outlines everything both you and the client need to know about the transaction, including the cost, how often cleaning will be done, and more. Here's what you need to know about what to include in your cleaning contract template and how to get your contract signed.

Why Is It Important to Have a Cleaning Contract?

Having a cleaning contract that details your services and how they will be performed adds significant value to both small and large janitorial businesses. Not only do contracts protect you legally, they make it easier for your clients to know what to expect and what the responsibilities are of each party involved in regards to services rendered and payment due.

What to Include In Your Cleaning Contract

Scope of Work

The scope of work should be clearly outlined in your cleaning contract template. What will and will not be cleaned? How will they be cleaned? How often will cleaning be done? These are all critical components of your contract.

For example, if your cleaning contract is for a residential home, all rooms that will be cleaned should be listed. You should include the types of cleaners you will be using, as well as any restrictions or areas that you won't be cleaning.


Your cleaning contract template should include information about the fees you are charging, how often you will be paid, and how you will be paid. You should have a breakdown of costs that gives customers a clear idea of what you're charging per square foot or per room, and it should be easy to see how itemized costs add up to the total quoted.

Dates and Times of Service

Be sure to list the dates and times that cleaning services will be provided. Whether it's a one-time deep clean of a space or a customer hiring your company to clean their home or office regularly, your cleaning contract template should clearly state how often services will be rendered and at what times.

Avoid These Common Contract Mistakes

Here are some common mistakes janitorial businesses make with their cleaning contracts and how to avoid them:

  • Not creating a reusable cleaning contract template. Drawing up a new contract for each client is time-consuming and costly, which eats into your total profit margin. Having a template allows you to quickly change small details and send multiple contracts to multiple clients with fewer mistakes.  
  • Not using dedicated document creation and contract signing software. Clients need to be able to easily read, sign, and return your contracts; if it's difficult to do so, it may be difficult to get your contracts signed. You should make it as easy as possible for a customer to sign and send a contract back to you, ideally remotely, with just a few clicks via email. 
  • Not keeping a copy of your signed contracts in the cloud. Paper contracts can get lost or destroyed, making it impossible for you to verify the services your company is contracted to provide and what your client is contracted to pay. Having contracts stored in the cloud allows you to access them from anywhere with any device, so you can refer back to them whenever necessary. 
  • Not including prices on your contracts. Customers want to be able to see the value they're getting when they hire you, especially compared to other similar companies in your area. 

How to Get Your Cleaning Contract Signed

If your cleaning contract template is in PDF format, this makes it easier to get signed. Clients can easily print your contract from their email inbox and sign it by hand, or it can be electronically signed. In the age of remote work, e-signing documents is often far easier than printing them out to be signed, and most people are equipped to receive and electronically sign a PDF file.

Nitro Sign is a comprehensive tool that allows you to create, edit, send, and sign PDFs using any device, including tablets and smartphones. It offers the flexibility and agility needed for your business to send and receive cleaning contracts electronically, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a larger housekeeping service.

Nitro Sign allows users to send and receive unlimited documents from person to person at an affordable price. Try it for free today or contact a Nitro Sign teammate to get answers to any questions you have.

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