Convert PDFs to Word, Excel and More
Move between your favorite document formats without missing a beat – with conversion tools designed to keep you moving forward.
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Format. Convert. Simplify.
Say goodbye to endless copying and pasting
Tap into the full power of your document stack with just a few clicks. Nitro effortlessly converts PDFs into editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other Microsoft office formats – so you can spend less time sifting through old documents and more time working on new ideas. Need to convert your file back to PDF? Nitro PDF Pro makes that simple, too.
Keep your documents beautiful
Never sacrifice quality to speed again with automation that fixes layout inconsistencies – ensuring original fonts, images and formatting remain consistent after conversion.
Convert emails and attachments
Document communication easily with our Outlook plugin and convert emails, attachments and entire email folders to PDFs, as well as archive important files for quick reference.
Convert more in one click
Work more efficiently by converting multiple files at once. Convert entire collections of PDFs into editable Microsoft Office or image files in a single step.

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End-to-End Digital Document Transformation

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