Secure the Documents that Drive Your Business
Protect sensitive information, stay compliant and sleep easier with security tools that make full control and visibility easy.
Simplify security with intelligent protection
Protect your documents without blocking the flow of business with intuitive user permissions, encryption and redaction capabilities.
Command document access
Protect with precision. Control user permissions, add secure passwords or opt for certificate security to encrypt your PDF and authorize based digital IDs. Control visibility by easily finding and redacting sensitive data – including metadata – with the redaction tool in Nitro PDF Pro.
Validate with full confidence
Accelerate verification. Automate the certification process with Chain of Trust in Nitro PDF Pro to verify whether a sender is trustworthy and a digital signature is valid.
Get advanced encryption
Your PDFs are always protected with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and the updated Microsoft Rights Managed Services (RMS) 2.0 integration. But you can opt for a higher level of protection with certificate security, which encrypts your PDF and authorizes access based on each user’s digital ID.

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