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Nitro’s Q4 Partner Deal Spotlight


To celebrate how much we value our Channel Partnerships, we’re highlighting our top partner deal from the past quarter. We sat down with our UK Sales Director – Nick Reeve – to discuss a deal he worked on.

Welcome to our Q4 partner deal spotlight. To celebrate how much we value our Channel Partnerships, we’re highlighting our top partner deal from the past quarter. We sat down with our UK Sales Director – Nick Reeve – to discuss a deal he worked on, in conjunction with Computacenter and ASM for a leading provider of insurance products in the UK with over 10,000 employees.

A collaborative sales process is key to any deal. Can you provide a brief overview of what the process looked like for this specific win?

Collaboration with both the distributor (ASM) and reseller (Computacenter) was critical to the success of this deal. ASM is a key distribution partner of Nitro in EMEA, and as a result of their close and long-standing relationship with Computacenter, they were able to facilitate meetings for Nitro with a range of key Computacenter stakeholders, from account managers through to sales leaders.

Computacenter identified Nitro as a great way to deliver additional value to their existing customers as well as getting a foot in the door with some net-new accounts. In this particular instance, the customer’s desire to deploy document productivity solutions more widely meant that Nitro was an obvious option for them to review. Nitro and Computacenter mapped out the key stakeholders, their current challenges and future plans and jointly presented Nitro’s value proposition to the customer. This generated significant interest and the opportunity quickly progressed to an evaluation.

Providing attractive margins is a key differentiator in selling Nitro. How did our beneficial, flexible margin structure come into play in this deal?

Being able to offer attractive margin levels and having a flexible structure was invaluable to Nitro on this opportunity. As Nitro is able to offer high margins to the partner, and at the same time deliver the required solution to the customer, it is a very compelling proposition all round. Resellers are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Challenging the customer on their spend and delivering added value is a great way to do this. Nitro allows the partner to do both of these things, and this is why we are seeing so much traction from our channel partners.

Collaborating on deals fuels positive relationships between vendor and partner. How has this deal led to increased collaboration and mutual wins?

The success of Nitro’s business depends on delighting our customers and having successful and mutually beneficial relationships with our channel partners. With this particular customer, the wall to wall deployment facilitated the customer’s wider initiatives around Digital Transformation and print reduction and so the transition to Nitro really delivered value on a number of levels.

Nitro has since been introduced into a large number of other opportunities by this partner and together we have built a significant pipeline of opportunity.

The most important factor in any deal is the customer. How did Nitro and the partner work together to ensure that the customer remained top priority?

Nitro’s customer focus is absolute, in fact 2019 has been named internally as the ‘Year Of The Customer’. As it happens Computacenter has a similar ethos, and so it was a natural outcome that the customer’s needs would be front and centre of the engagement. The relevant group of stakeholders from the customer were identified and fully engaged and goals and expectations were correctly set from day one. Throughout the delivery both Nitro and Computacenter worked in a collaborative way from the initial value presentation right through to the post deployment support.

This joined up approach ensured that we exceeded the customer’s expectations.

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