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A Day In the Life of a Nitronaut | Talent


In November, we announced the launch of our new blog series, ‘A Day In the Life of A Nitronaut.’ In the first post of the series, we gave you a peek into the lives of two Account Executives on our Sales Team. They shared their passion for selling our products and even divulged some of their team secrets. Nitronauts are a special breed, but what about the people who work to find and bring them to Nitro?

Meet the Nitro Talent Team! Finding and hiring the best talent from around the world is their mission. They’ve built an amazing team at Nitro—one that’s still growing at a crazy pace.


Jennifer Trendler | Head of Talent

Tell us about your role on the Talent Team.

I head up Nitro’s talent efforts—this involves everything from building out the Talent Team and finding new ways to spread the word about Nitro to working super closely with our Hiring Managers to determine our short term and long term hiring needs. I get to work with amazing people and talk to great candidates from all over the world, every day.

How would you describe Nitro’s company culture?

It’s really simple: we’re all about being performance-driven, no bullshit and being good—to our customers, our candidates and most importantly, our employees.

What is the best feedback you’ve received from a candidate interviewing with Nitro?

I’ve heard both funny and rewarding things from candidates, like when someone complimented the cup of coffee I made for them (!). Another time, one of our hired candidates commented on how I really took the time to get to know them and find the best fit.

Where can we find you when you’re not at work?

In my down time I love spending time with my kids (ice skating is our recent weekend activity), hosting huge dinner parties for my friends and reading as much as I can. Between working at Nitro and my family, I feel pretty grateful.


Rachel Klarfeld | Recruiter

Tell us about your role on the Talent Team.

I work with hiring managers to build out their respective teams. Also, I organize various events and conferences to attract top talent. My days are always different—it’s a combination of phone screening candidates and strategizing with hiring managers on how to win top talent. I also regularly attend Scala events with engineering team.

How would you describe Nitro’s Talent Team culture?

I feel like we’re a family unit. We always have each other’s backs—we’re go, go, go all day but we still find time to do fun things together. We’re all foodies so we enjoy trying new restaurants. My favorite so far? Kokkari for delicious Greek cuisine.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Every new hire is key to the future success of Nitro—so when candidates sign their offer letters, those are always proud moments of mine. It feels great knowing that the people I’m finding are getting hired and building their careers here. When I see them succeed, whether it’s working hard in their respective roles or getting a promotion, I feel like my work helped launch their journey.

Where can we find you when you’re not at work?

In the mornings, you can find me at SoulCycle—it’s my “go to” work out. In the evenings, I’m usually heading to North Beach for Italian food and a local wine bar for some vino.


Lyla Sultan | Talent Coordinator

Tell us about your role on the Talent Team.

I spearhead social media outreach for our employment branding. Everyone at Nitro acts as an ambassador, but my role puts an emphasis on sharing what’s unique about our culture and why a role at Nitro is a career defining opportunity. I also help ensure that our candidates have a great experience while interviewing.

How would you describe Nitro’s company culture?

It’s a familial atmosphere—and we’re an eclectic bunch! I recently learned Sam Thorpe, our Director of Product, and I have a mutual liking of 1980’s John Cusack movies (Say Anything is a classic). I’ve even been given pop culture lessons from Erica Johnson, our Director of Employee Experience—I think I failed but what can I say? I’m an old soul. We’re all different, but we still find common ground. That’s what makes it so interesting and fun to be here.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Brainstorming new employment branding strategies with my team, meeting candidates, or writing for our blog. I feel incredibly fortunate to do what I love. Also, I feel like I’m having authentic conversations with people about life at Nitro. I believe in our products and I’m happy to be here.

Where can we find you when you’re not at work?

After work, I like to practice yoga and/or cook—either way I’m unwinding. On the weekends, I have brunch every Saturday with friends. Also, I’m happy to be only an hour from wine country—Sonoma Valley is one of my favorite places.

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