Next-Level PDF Productivity

Learn how 6 companies are solving their biggest document challenges with scalable PDF workflows.

Next Level PDF Productivity 2020

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We asked six of our customers at large companies, a simple question: How do you solve your biggest document challenges?

In this eBook, find out what Zebra Technologies, Continental, Howden, JLL Australia, T-Mobile Austria, and Swiss Re said and how they are achieving digital transformation success.

Digital transformation is often a long and winding journey. But it doesn’t have to be painful. Get tactics, tips, and strategies from our customers in this eBook to help you:

  1. Standardize PDF workflows on a single, affordable platform
  2. Reduce the amount of waste from printing and paper
  3. Provide a more seamless, more efficient employee experience that works for not only your company but most importantly, your customer

Think about the challenges your organization is looking to tackle right now.

Most likely you’re looking to:

  • Drastically cut procurement costs for document technology
  • Standardize PDF editing and eSigning tools across large or newly merged teams
  • Eliminate a risky set of disparate tools
  • Eliminate paper documents globally

Learn tactical approaches from experts at Swiss Re, Zebra, Continental, Howden, JLL, and T-Mobile who have been in your shoes and overcame similar challenges so you too can support your team and advance your organization toward large scale digital transformation.


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