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Listen and Win: Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing over coffee

Too often we talk marketing in webinars or at loud, action-packed mixers – which is why Marketing Over Coffee, a podcast by John Wall and Christopher Penn, is such a delightful divergence from the norm. Wall and Penn collaborate to discuss marketing tips and tricks with their weekly guests – and record it for the rest of us to hear.

On this week’s podcast, sponsored by Nitro, the topic is David Meerman Scott’s latest book, The New Rules of Sales and Service: How to Use Agile Selling, Real-Time Customer Engagement, Big Data, Content, and Storytelling to Grow Your Business. The author himself joins the podcast as a special guest.

Throughout the podcast, Scott and his hosts muse over the rapidly-changing sales landscape. The old way of making a sale – using Wolf of Wall Street-like phone tactics – is slowly being replaced by a more innovative approach across all verticals. The new way requires that sales managers and execs forget about how they became successful, and embrace agile new technologies that make it easy to do business. Technologies like, as Scott points out, Nitro Cloud.

According to Scott, “Nitro Cloud fits right in with the new rules of sales: the quicker you do things, the more business you rake in. Too many sales people are doing business on their own time, rather than on the buyer’s time…In the new sales rules, speed matters.” People don’t just want a proposal or contract quickly – they want it now. Asking a buyer to wait can equal kissing a sale goodbye.

With an endorsement such as that, we’re offering listeners to this episode of Marketing Over Coffee a chance to win a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones when they sign up for a free team demo of Nitro Cloud. Hear the full conversation about the new rules of marketing, and learn how you can enter to win your Bose headphones, right here.