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Nitro 2022 Kick Off

What is it like to work with top sales leader Julie Gannon?

Last week Nitro's global teams gathered for three days of presentations to kick off our 2022 strategy. These talks were attended virtually and featured Nitro's leaders, our in-house DJ, and a special guest - Dr. Richard Harris, an Adelaide-based anaesthetist who assisted with the rescue of 12 boys from the flooded cave in Thailand in 2018. Among the excitement a new year brings and new ideas for Nitro's future – an impressive demonstration of company dedication emerged.


Julie Gannon, pictured above, is a sales leader at Nitro who is known by all of us as persistent, driven, thoughtful, and above all, someone true to her word. So, we took some time to talk with her about her success at Nitro.

C: What is your role at Nitro?

J: I am a Director of Inside Sales for North America, SMB & Mid-Market. I work with SMB Customer Account Executives and Mid-Market Account Executives to retain, expand, and build new partnerships with our customers. I joined Nitro as a Manager with the vision and mission to help build out the North American sales team supporting our Small and Mid-Market customers.

C: Why should someone get excited about joining your team?

J: We are at a point in our company's history where we can be disruptive in our industry, help our customers set themselves up for success and future-proof their business, and be a part of a team that shows up for each other every day.

C: Do you have a favorite company value?

J: Be Good. This value really allows us to encompass both being high-performing and completely transparent (no BS) to everyone we work with and everyone we serve. This value is part of a person's core and brings forward some of the best talent I've seen in the industry.

C: What is it like to work on your team?

J: What makes my team unique is how diverse we are. We come from all different personal and professional backgrounds. Their passion for being the best version of themselves for our team and our customers has created an unbelievable culture.

C: What is the story behind your hair?

J: The most important thing to my success as a leader is that my team believes that my word is my bond. It's crucial for them to believe that I will not ask them to do something I am not willing to do myself. Whether it's jumping on a customer call, running a demo, singing Christmas carols during a NA team call, or shaving the Nitro logo on the side of my head.

Building a high-performing team is a goal for any sales leader but making it fun along the way will keep the team motivated during the more challenging days, and those wins a lot more meaningful.

As a colleague and friend said, "We win together, and we lose together."

Julie is that manager that doesn't shy away from pushing you to do better, and that's not only about targets but about professional development too! That's the kind of manager you want in your corner 10 times out of 10.
- Paul Saleh, Customer AE-Growth

We're incredibly proud to have Julie on our team and excited to announce she is a member of the 2021 Class of the Nitro President's Club.

If you are looking for a charismatic leader who will encourage your career growth, you can apply to open roles on Julie's team.