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The Tangible Digital Transformation Results


As your company sets its goals, eager about what’s to come digital transformation is likely to be a priority.

As your company sets its goals, eager about what’s to come digital transformation is likely to be a priority. In this environment, a compelling digital experience for your users has gone from a nicety to a real need. Document productivity can catapult your company into a culture of innovative and scalable change, the results of which may include:

  • Improved security, with the advent of GDPR and similar regulations
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced (or eliminated) paper waste

With a PDF productivity solution and eSigning integration, your organization will be poised to jump into digital transformation with both feet. Ready to take the leap? Read on to get started.

Digital Transformation Growing Pains

Although most businesses—and by that, we mean a mind-blowing 89 percent—have digital transformation in their current or future plans for institutional growth, even the best-intentioned efforts can be hindered by obstacles:

  • Your teams haven’t had universal access to the tools necessary for digital workflows, forcing them to print, sign, scan (repeat) in order to complete tasks.
  • The legacy document systems you do have in-house have been unwieldy and unnecessarily expensive. They may have bells and whistles, but they don’t offer an integrated solution that incorporates PDF productivity and eSigning into one powerful package.
  • Your workplace culture has a fear of profound and meaningful change, rooted in decades-old ways of working—and money already spent on outdated legacy products—that predate our modern digital world.
  • Traditional eSigning products are focused on supporting complex workflows, as opposed to a solution that supports every user in every department.

Rest assured, these issues are readily fixable, and with a solution that won’t break the budget. Even though you may have had a certain standard operating process for years, the most entrenched of legacy products need to be uprooted in the name of progress. Those systems that feel familiar and comfortable may be the very thing that’s costing you money and productivity.

So where to begin? With a basic yet vital question—what kind of employee and customer experience do you want to deliver? What will your brand reputation be in the digital age? A few suggestions to get you started:

  • Listen to your users. They know what works and what doesn’t. They are your best advisors on how to standardize and streamline processes.
  • Listen to your employees. Let them thoroughly test drive new productivity solutions with a pilot program, managed by the vendor.
  • Listen to your data. Analytics don’t lie—customers and staff alike thrive on a digital experience that comes with a trusted technology partner.

When you lean into partnership with your vendors, the future becomes an open field of possibility. Jones Lang LaSalle understands that successful digitization starts with the right partner and the right plan.

Case Study: Jones Lang LaSalle

In 2016, global real estate and investment management firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) rolled out Nitro to more than 2,000 users across Australia, which allowed the organization to take a major step closer to a significant transformation goal—the elimination of non-digital processes by 2020.

CIO Andrew Clowes chose Nitro for its unparalleled customer service, innovative roadmap, and track record of user efficiencies.

“One of the key drivers behind our digital transformation is productivity,” he said. “We want the team to be focusing their time on collaborating and achieving outcomes for our clients, rather than internal, bureaucratic, paper-based processes.”

JLL’s success with Nitro demonstrates the key role a document productivity solution can play in your company’s quest for digital transformation.

Set Goals for Digital Transformation Results

The digital transformation wave continues to crest. A process that has struggled to gain traction outside of IT or HR has begun to attract the attention of top executives, promising to ramp up the pace of transformation.

The gap between document productivity and business strategy continues to shrink, allowing for a unified vision and improved alignment across departments. Customers and employees are gaining increasingly powerful voices in their expectations of products and services, which are best served through digital transformation.

Build Your Internal Ecosystem of Digital Champions

Digital transformation requires an all-in approach. Here are some strategies to move your company in that direction:

  • Pick the right technology. With global IT spending expected to surge this year, the marketplace for new solutions is growing increasingly crowded. Be open to the potential of new technologies and be sure to thoroughly research and pick the tools that fit your needs.
  • Start small. Digital transformation is a marathon, not a sprint. And while your ambitions may be epic in scale, your budgets are not. You can’t do everything at once, so start with small, thoughtful changes to long-held processes and beliefs.
  • Learn from the best (and their mistakes). Even globally respected brands like Nike, General Electric, Ford, and the BBC have struggled with this process.
  • Don’t feel like you have to rip and replace. Sometimes a small change is the right change.

No matter how epic the scope of your goals, change starts in the daily operations of your workforce. Adopt the right PDF productivity solution, and you will take a huge first step toward digital transformation. Get started today with a free trial or, if you’re ready to step on the gas, a managed pilot across your entire company.