Tips for Customizing and Using Moving Services Contracts with Clients

Looking for a moving services contract template to use for your business or personal needs? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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PDF Template - moving services contract template

Moving is both exciting and risky. Possessions can be broken and deadlines can be missed. Moving companies and clients both deserve protection — and both can find it by making the most of a moving services contract template.

To clarify these contracts, we've developed a guide that covers:

  • Key Clauses That Every Moving Services Contract Should Contain
  • Best Practices for Using a Moving Services Contract Template

Key Clauses That Every Moving Services Contract Should Contain

No two moves look the same. This concept should also apply to the contracts that underscore these moves. That being said, every agreement should aim to accomplish the following:

  • Define the services. The scope of services for a moving company may seem obvious, but this assumption is misguided. In reality, seemingly simple tasks can prove surprisingly complicated. For example: not all movers are willing to handle all types of materials. What's more, they may not be able to accommodate specific client requests beyond simply moving items. In general, however, this section should explain the need to take inventory, as well as the responsibility of the mover to avoid damaging items. Often, the scope of services is described in an attached document known as an exhibit.
  • Where the move will take place. The contract should clearly identify the address at which the moving process is to begin, as well as the location in which all moved items will eventually end up. If the move is to involve multiple addresses, these need to be identified in the contract well in advance.
  • Make arrangements for compensation. Once the requested moving services have been completed, the contract should explain how much the client will owe the moving company. This section may also identify what will happen if agreed-upon payments are not completed on time. Typically, the consequences for late payments include accruing interest, as well as the ability to seek legal remedies.
  • Protect the client's confidentiality. While completing requested services, movers may come across proprietary information that the client prefers to keep private. To provide proper protection, the moving services contract template should include a confidentiality clause. 

Best Practices for Using a Moving Services Contract Template

Even if you cover all the clauses identified above, a contract can be problematic if it contains the wrong language. Therein lies the importance of using a moving services contract template. This useful tool offers guidance when you're not sure which terms or phrasing to include. A template alone, however, will not ensure a desirable agreement — so be sure to use these best practices:

  • Be thorough. From the inventory to the compensation terms, every aspect of the contract should go into detail. This means that customization is crucial, as no single template will entirely cover the specific services or policies of a particular moving company. Double-check to ensure that every clause has been adjusted as needed. This will limit the potential for unwelcome surprises later on.
  • Address the possibility of future disputes. While a detail-oriented contract can prevent a variety of issues, disputes are always feasible. Should such conflict arise, a thorough contract can promote a quick and mutually beneficial resolution. Explain how the contract might be terminated and how arbitration could be used to resolve disputes. Never assume that the relationship between the moving services provider and the client will remain cordial.

Moving Forward With Secure Signatures

After so much consideration has been placed into a moving services contract, it would be a shame to leave anything up to chance. Extra precautions are particularly important when getting these documents signed electronically, as a variety of hazards can compromise both moving companies and their clients. Nitro takes these concerns seriously; we're proud to provide a secure solution for electronic signatures. Sign up for a free trial today to learn more.

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