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Pride Month: Raising Our Hands for Diversity

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At Nitro, we foster a sense of community that encourages diversity, pride, and inclusion. From fundraising events and charity matching to an overall excellent employee experience, we’re always #NitroProud. And to celebrate Pride Month, we took a chance to speak to fellow Nitronauts about their outlook on pride, and what it means to them on a personal and professional level.

What does Pride mean to you?

“Pride means celebrating the harmony of compatible differences.” – Brian Brandes, Front End Developer

“Celebrating the idea that love is love is love is love.” – Eric Nelson, Senior Designer/Web Developer

“Celebration of normality. Everyone is unique, and in that sense, we are all the same. Therefore it is normal to be different. No matter what your sexual preference, race, or religion is, we are all people coexisting on a little planet. It’s not hard to treat people with dignity and respect.” – Alex Edwardes, Customer Support and Success Representative

“Pride to me means celebrating what should be inconsequential sexual preference differences that have incurred, and still do incur, discrimination and hurt. Pride is a part of wider acceptance of a person as a human without any caveats or disclaimers; treat everyone equally” – David Sheerin, Product Manager

In what ways does Nitro foster a diverse workplace?

“Hiring practices. internal support. and vocal appreciation for the diversity we have and increasing it.” – Jennifer Trendler, Director, Talent

“Nitro allows for creativity, let’s you be your own self and encourages a positive environment of openness.” – Isabelle Ulliana, Sales Operations Specialist

“Nitro fosters diversity by having inclusive values and celebrating diversity.” – Breck Ashdown, Inside Sales Executive

“There is no glass ceiling here, no ‘boys club’ mentality, no prejudice. In fact, we have quite the opposite. People are hired based on their attitude and work ethic.” – Alex Edwardes, Customer Support and Success Representative

How does Nitro’s diversity impact your personal and professional development?

“Too many Katrinas would breed creativity not.” – Katrina Guillen, Operations Coordinator

“Nitro’s diversity helps me both professionally and personally because it opens me up to new perspectives and a grander scope of people to learn from.” – Breck Ashdown, Inside Sales Executive

“I’m just following the ‘be good to each other’ approach in the handbook (not that it’s challenging to do).” – Mike Richman, Senior Solutions Consultant

While celebrating Pride Month brings all Nitronauts together to support diversity and inclusion, it’s also a mentality that extends past this special month. We make sure Nitronauts feel proud in the work they’re doing and are empowered to express their pride each and every day. With a continued investment in our hiring practices, employee experience, and overall company values, we’re steadfast and focused on making Nitro the best it can be.

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