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Der „Tech Pioneers Report“ platziert Nitro in den Top 25


„Innovation treibt die Diversifizierung der australischen Wirtschaft an. Die Geschwindigkeit und der Umfang der digitalen Veränderungen geben australischen Unternehmen immer mehr Möglichkeiten, Technologien auf neue und aufregende Weise zu nutzen.“

“Innovation is fueling the diversification of Australia’s economy, and the pace and scale of digital disruption is providing more opportunities for Australian businesses to leverage technology in new and exciting ways.”– Malcom Turnbull, MP Prime Minister of Austraila

Die digitale Disruption und Transformation haben die Pläne technologieorientierter Führungskräfte in Unternehmen auf der ganzen Welt überholt. Führungskräfte investieren viel Zeit und Ressourcen in Initiativen, die datengestützte Erkenntnisse nutzen, um die Kundenerfahrung zu verbessern.

In other words, they’re making it easy and entertaining for buyers to engage with their brands, products and services as they move from device to device.

In Australia, 50 tech startups doing just that have been profiled in the inaugural ‘Tech Pioneers Report‘, released by Australian VC firm H2 Ventures and specialist lender Investec.

The report — showcasing “the most exciting and pioneering startups from Australia and New Zealand” — was compiled and ranked based on five key factors: total capital raised, rate of capital raising, location and degree of sub industry disruption, and the judging panel’s subjective rating of the degree of product, service, customer experience, and business model innovation.

Nitro, which was founded in Melbourne in 2005, ranks 25th on the list.

“We’re honoured to be named among Australia and New Zealand’s most influential and innovative technology companies,” said Sam Chandler, co-founder and CEO of Nitro.

“There are so many great companies emerging in the region, and we’re privileged to be one of them. Despite our San Francisco HQ, we remain proudly Australian, and in an era where disruption can come from anywhere, the Tech Pioneers report reminds us that Australia and New Zealand are of growing importance to the global startup and innovation economies.”

In Australia, it has traditionally been difficult for startups to obtain early-stage capital — something Chandler has been vocal about in the past. Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull is addressing this challenge with his new National Innovation and Science Agenda, which also aims to support the country’s transition from a “resources-led investment boom to one that is built on innovation, technology and trade.” Learn more about the report here.

Congratulations to all 50 Tech Pioneers!

Finden Sie unter heraus, wie Nitro Unternehmen hilft, ihre Initiativen zur digitalen Transformation voranzutreiben.

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