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Zero Gender Divide for Nitro

Panel members of Zero Gender Divide: Tim Fawcett (Cisco), moderator Dr Leslie Cannold, Sarah Grace Worboys (Startup Victoria), Renee McGowan (Mercer) and Sam Chandler (Nitro).
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What does diversity mean to your business? Is it entrenched in your company’s DNA and in every employee, or is it just a catchphrase used by the human resource department – but rarely practiced in real-life? We got together with Australia’s business leaders to bring this discussion to the fore, and to explore the challenges, opportunities and impact gender diversity presents in today’s working environment.

Co-partnering with Diverse City Careers, we held this inaugural Zero Divide event at Mon Bijou in Melbourne on 30 September. Panel members: Renee McGowan – Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at Mercer, Tim Fawcett – Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs at Cisco, Sarah Grace Worboys – Co-lead at Startup Victoria Female Founders and Sam Chandler– Founder & CEO at Nitro. Moderator: Dr Leslie Cannold.

Key takeaways:

  1. Be aware of unconscious bias
  2. Place women in positions of influence
  3. Build confidence from the start

Watch the Zero Gender Divide panel discussion:

Left to right: Renee McGowan (Mercer), Tim Fawcett (Cisco), Dr Leslie Cannold, Sarah Grace Worboys (Startup Victoria Female Founders), Sam Chandler (Nitro).

Nitro donated 100% of proceeds from tickets sales to Camp Quality.
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