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Women, Men, and the Need for Complementary Collaboration


Refreshing is rarely a word you hear in relation to the gender equality debate. Yet in her Fast Company article released today, United We Stand: Why Women and Men Need to Collaborate for Success, Nitro COO Gina O’Reilly gives us just that cool splash.

More often than not, thought-leaders take the women-in-the-workplace discussion to the extreme, offering solutions that sound remarkably imbalanced in their own right. Rather than suggesting women tip the scales to such a degree, Gina prefers to promote respect and embrace the fact that each gender brings different but hugely complementary skills to the table. “The key is to have both men and women align behind this mindset and drive change collectively,” she says.

It’s downright inspiring to have an articulate thinker at the top of our company. Read Gina’s entire article, which includes a few simple tips to help people in the workplace find the powerful balance of complementary collaboration, here.