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Welcome to Your New Nitro Sign Experience!

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Recent design updates give customers a more efficient, modern eSign experience.

At Nitro, continuously enhancing user experience and productivity for our customers is a priority. We are excited to announce a new and refreshed user interface (UI) and modernized user experience for Nitro Sign. This article walks you through why we’ve made these changes and what you can expect from the updated design.

Why Did We Change the Nitro Sign UI?

Our goal with the Nitro Sign UI refresh is threefold:

  1. Improving the look & feel: We wanted to give Nitro Sign a fresh, modern look that enhances usability and makes the tool more visually appealing.  
  2. Implementing modern UX best practices: Aligning with current UX trends ensures our product remains intuitive and efficient, providing you with the best possible eSigning experience. 
  3. Consistency across all Nitro products: To create a seamless experience across our products, we’ve standardized design elements and made it easier for you to navigate and use our tools. 

Is the Nitro Sign functionality the same?

Yes! All the functionality you rely on remains unchanged—no features have been removed. The updates you see are focused on the sidebar, header, typography and user navigation menu. These changes are designed to provide a cleaner, more efficient workflow experience.

Notable Changes

While the updates are subtle, they collectively contribute to a significantly improved user experience. Here are some of the key changes:

  • Home Page renamed: The home page is now called the eSign dashboard. 
  • New tab structure: The tiles on the old home page have been replaced with a new tab structure that is easier to navigate. 
  • Recent Activity: This is now part of the tab structure, allowing you to quickly access your recent document actions. 

Our Team of eSign Experts Are On-Hand to Help

Thank you for being a valued Nitro customer. We hope you find the new design as helpful and functional as we do. Your feedback is always appreciated!

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team of experts.