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3 Transactional Process Improvements You Can Make With Digital Workflows


If you want to improve your IT department’s job satisfaction and reduce stress, it’s time to implement more digital workflows.

Are your IT employees burnt out? According to The Enterprisers Project, 64% of tech professionals report feeling burnout and stress.

If you want to improve your IT department’s job satisfaction and reduce stress, it’s time to implement more digital workflows. Doing so can help eliminate repetitive work, reduce administrative tasking, and increase efficiencies. These transactional process improvements will not only make for happier IT employees; they’ll also improve your organization’s bottom line.

Here’s how to get started:

Increase workforce productivity

It’s no secret that employees around the globe waste a lot of time and resources due to inefficient workflows. You can start fixing that problem by employing a PDF productivity solution at an enterprise scale. Investing in this type of tool means you can finally ditch paper (yes, we know even IT departments are guilty of using it!) digitize workflows, and increase opportunities for automation.

Decrease enterprise output costs

A happy side effect of all these transaction process improvements is significant cost savings for your organization. Did you know the average knowledge worker prints 10,000 sheets of paper every year and spends four hours every week on paper-based processes? If you can significantly reduce or even eliminate these outdated processes, you will decrease the cost of physical resources your organization needs to get work done. Not only that, but it also decreases the time your human resources spend chasing paper.

Speed up revenue allocation

Interesting fact: For every $1 billion U.S. companies invest in projects, more than 12% of that investment is wasted. That’s largely the result of poor project management and performance. If you want to reduce wasted expenses in your next project make sure youinvest in resources designed to support higher project completion rates:

  • Invest in a document productivity platform. This allows team members to digitally collaborate with more streamlined processes while offering secure sharing options and digital annotation of PDFs. 
  • Adopt an eSignature solution. Stop wasting resources with printing and delivery processes and ensure documents, new contracts, and forms get signed faster and implemented more quickly. 
  • Find an eSigning tool that lets you track project progress in real-time. Tracking signing workflow progress up to the minute ensures all team members are reviewing and working on the latest versions of project documents.

Make this the year you improve your IT department’s digital workflows. Start with these three transactional process improvements, and watch employee productivity (and job satisfaction) soar.