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Nitro Pro 9 Features New Whiteout tool


In Nitro Pro 9 you can select and permanently “erase” any information you want removed from a PDF file.

These days, whiteout seems like a thing of the past. When was the last time you used the goopy liquid to correct a spelling error or fix a mistake on a form? My guess is that it’s been ages.

Well, Nitro is bringing whiteout back in a big way with the release Pro 9. In our newest version, you can select and permanently “erase” any information you want removed from a PDF file.

Simply draw a marquee box around the text, image, or table and POOF!–all gone without a fuss. Based on redaction technology, the whiteout tool is a new Nitro Pro 9 feature that simplifies the process for users who wish to remove information but maintain a white background on their PDF. After the desired portion of the PDF is removed, you can easily add additional text or imagery back into the document.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

In sales and/or marketing organizations, for example, the whiteout tool is an incredible time saver. It allows for extremely quick and efficient repurposing of presentations and reports—which are often shared and saved in PDF format. Considering that employees take an average of 3 hours to recreate a document, repurposing rather than recreating can save loads of time.

For quick changes, like customizing PDF proposals or presentations for various clients, the whiteout tool equips representatives to easily make updates instead of converting to PPT and back to PDF. A Marketing Manager can remove dates, graphs, number figures, titles, and names from any part of the deck, and drop any necessary information back in, while keeping messaging and formatting consistent throughout.

There are countless other ways the whiteout tool can save you time on your daily tasks. Watch our how-to video for more information on using the whiteout tool, just one of many great new Nitro Pro 9 features.

If you’d like to learn more about ways Nitro simplifies documents, or want to speak to our sales team about equipping your business with the software, please click here or email