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Desktop Documents, Meet Nitro Cloud!

Lauren Suggett

Documents are everywhere. On your desk. On your desktop. They’re even on your tablet and mobile phone. In this global landscape, having access to documents anywhere isn’t enough to get and retain business. You need to be able to work with those documents in real time from any device, too.

With a solution like Nitro, you can have it all.

You’re probably accustomed to a product like Nitro Pro, which allows you to open, convert, edit and even sign digital documents. And now, we’ve integrated Nitro Pro with Nitro Cloud, our browser-based smart document solution.

Nitro Cloud takes documents a step further, allowing you to work on them on any internet-connected device. With its sophisticated collaboration features you can easily share, review and track changes with a group, so you never lose sight of how a document has evolved. Additional integration with storage services like Drobox and Google Drive connects you with the places you store content. And business-critical workflows, such as e-signing and document approvals, are made so simple that you can complete them from start to finish without ever leaving the app.

Getting started in Nitro Cloud is as quick as opening Nitro Pro. You can connect directly from your desktop application:

You can even set up Nitro Cloud from your browser. Simply go to Nitro Cloud and create an account. Each month, you’ll get access to five free document workflows. If your business is booming, upgrading to a subscription is easy.