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Nitro Pro & Microsoft RMS: Protection That Stays With Your PDF


Nitro is one of a few PDF editors that offer integration with Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS), enabling users to encrypt sensitive PDF documents and restrict access to approved individuals only. Authorized users may also open RMS-protected PDF files (.PPDFs) using Nitro.

Why use Nitro + RMS?

You’ll benefit from the security and convenience of applying RMS encryption to your PDF documents, right in Nitro Pro.

  • Give users a fast and easy way to protect PDF documents, as PDF encryption is not a feature of Microsoft Office.
  • Prevent sensitive PDF documents and the information therein from being leaked outside of an established ecosystem, regardless of how they’re shared or who with.
  • Assure clients and partners that their confidential PDF documents are being handled securely.
  • Protect business-critical intellectual property from unauthorized viewers.
  • Facilitate secure collaboration on PDF, the most common business document format.

Which security permissions are available through this integration?

Users can designate permissions for the following functions using Nitro’s RMS integration:

  • Printing
  • Editing
  • Annotations
  • Signing
  • Copying
  • Screen reader access
  • Access expiration date
  • Credential validation

How it works:

To enable RMS security in Nitro, users must be logged into an active RMS account, and have the necessary files installed on their machines.

Find details on setting up this integration in the Nitro User Guide, and read this blog post for step-by-step instructions on applying RMS security in Nitro.