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Mission to Nitro’s Planet “Channel”


The analogy between the Nitro channel today, and where it needs to evolve to, is very synergistic with how NASA has approached space with putting a human on the moon and exploration to Mars.

It has only been a few weeks since I became a Nitronaut and accepted the challenge to board the Deep Space Exploration mission to planet “Channel,” to seek new ways of accelerating our Partner Ecosystem and develop a new Alliance go to-market. In this short time since I joined, I can honestly say the team here has been amazing and our planning for this mission launch is well underway.

Actually, the analogy between the Nitro channel today, and where it needs to evolve to, is very synergistic with how NASA has approached space with putting a human on the moon and exploration to Mars. As with anything to do with space there’s always a goal, a timeframe, an incredible team, and above all an organizational culture thinking outside of the box, driving creativity and innovation. My last company had a key value of “break the bottle.” In a similar vein, Nitro is all about “building the bottle,” working hard to perform at a high-level, get stuff done, doing that without politics getting in the way and all while respecting and being kind to your fellow Nitro mates!

It’s a refreshing place to be!

So why the Nitro mission for me? In the time I’ve been working in IT Software, now for over 25 years, there’s one thing that has been the hallmark of my revenue career trajectory – Partners & Channel. As anyone in IT knows, it’s the fastest way to build a business. What’s so interesting at Nitro is the channel ecosystem is already robust, but we need to make it stronger and broader as the mission to planet “Channel” deepens in pace with the market opportunity in document productivity.


This is the type of challenge I relish, and this market segment is getting broader by the day. The tipping point for me in coming here though was a combination of the culture, team, and intersecting market opportunity that Nitro Productivity Suite is positioned to take advantage of. As our recent GigaOm Field Test report highlighted, it’s at the intersection of document signing, document workflow, and document creation that things get super interesting in terms of transforming the digital workplace and delivering true operational efficiency inside and outside the organization. This is the opportunity space that attracted me to Nitro.

It was also very clear from the conversations that I had with the executive team during the interview process, that whilst other organizations like Adobe and DocuSign have addressed parts of the productivity jigsaw, the innovation whitespace still eludes them — and this is the mission goal of the Nitro team.

I’ve become a big fan of Geoffrey Moore over the years, and this quote from his book Escape Velocity accurately captures where Nitro is in its journey: “Sustaining innovations are the key to consistent performance, whereas disruptive innovations are the key to dramatic changes in power.” Nitro is the disruptive innovator and the reason why I joined.

The NASA missions, as with the Mars Perseverance endeavor, are all about being bold, adventurous, and above all being first. This is my goal for our channel program to tackle head-on the document productivity market whitespace and take the organization to 100% partner first.

Nitro Mission Control says this journey to planet “channel” is a go. Watch for updates as the mission progresses! If you’re interested in learning more about the Nitro Partner Ecosystem, email the team at

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