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Nitro wins Markie Award for Most Creative Marketing Campaign


Nitro took the prize for the Most Creative Marketing Campaign with our PDF Bootcamp email series.

Last night, marketers from across the country gathered at the San Francisco Masonic Auditorium for Eloqua’s 2013 Markie Awards, an annual soiree celebrating excellence in marketing. Finalists attended with fingers crossed, waiting to learn the winners of the 19 categories—including Best Lead Scoring Program, Event Nirvana, and Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales.

Nitro took the prize for “Most Creative Marketing Campaign” with our PDF Bootcamp email series. The campaign targeted trial users of Nitro Pro, offering product tips and how-to’s to demonstrate the ease and usefulness of Nitro Pro in a fun and engaging way. Check out an example of one of the landing pages used in the PDF Bootcamp series by clicking here.

Sean Zinsmeister, Senior Marketing Manager, and Ida Barrie, Marketing Operations Analyst, brought the Markie award home on behalf of Nitro.

“I can’t think of a more fitting recognition for our department,” Zinsmeister said. “It’s truly an accreditation to the tremendous hard work, talent, and progress Nitro’s Creative and Marketing teams have achieved in a short amount of time.

“I’m excited for our department’s continued growth and improvement, and look forward to seeing Nitro included in more conversations with other leading Marketing and Creative teams from around the world.”

Please join us in congratulating the Nitro Marketing Department, along with all of the finalists and winners from the 2013 Markie Awards!

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Click here to see a full list of last night’s winners.