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Move on Up: Meet Scott, Corporate Account Executive


Read how our Nitronauts have grown their careers with Nitro. Their commitment and knowledge is invaluable! Get to know our team.

Welcome to our Nitro ‘Career Growth’ series!

Often people think that career growth is only achieved by changing roles or changing company. They see this as a means of progression. In reality, the career growth path is anything but this. The most valuable and satisfying job growth opportunities often come from learning and developing over time within a team, becoming a core member of an organization, developing solid relationships and mentoring more junior team members or new hires.

In San Francisco, Dublin, Melbourne, and London we are lucky to have several Nitronauts who began and have grown their careers with Nitro. The commitment and knowledge they add to our teams and culture is invaluable!

Meet Scott, Corporate Account Executive in our Dublin HQ

Scott plays a pivotal role in producing incremental revenue in our sales team. Scott delivers Nitro’s value to key stakeholders while demonstrating how we help teams around the world work even smarter with documents. Through determination, high energy, and performance Scott has shaped an astounding career while living the Nitro values (be good, no bullshit, and high performance) every day.

Get to know Scott and why he joined Nitro.

When you joined Nitro, what was your role?

I joined Nitro almost four years ago as a Sales Development Representative. In this role, I was responsible for prospecting new business and creating a meaningful pipeline for our Account Executives. From the moment I met the team, I knew straight away it was the perfect place for me to learn and grow my career!

How did you go from there to becoming a Corporate Account Executive?

In my first six months, I learned how to engage C-level executives, book high value meetings and fine-tune my negotiation skills. But most importantly, I also started to build a bigger picture of how I wanted to grow within the team. Right from the start of my Nitro journey, I got the opportunity to work with really talented people.

In 2016, I was promoted to Inside Sales Executive which was my first closing role and after eight successful months, I progressed to Corporate Account Executive—where I am today.

As Nitro has grown, I’ve been fortunate enough to execute more strategic deals and provide a lot of value for our customers. One big thing for me is that Nitro has always provided me with the training and resources that I needed to be successful.

Many people say that constant learning is key to career growth, has this been the case for you and who are some of the people you have learned the most from?

Definitely. Every day is a school day! Nitro is the kind of place that you can approach anyone at any time from the Product team to the CEO. I am constantly learning from the people around me. Being able to easily reach great mentors at Nitro who always provide valuable feedback has had a real impact on my career.

We’re surrounded by support and always encouraged to learn something new at Nitro! Just recently, our People team rolled out a new Learning and Development platform, LinkedIn Learning for everyone. I can easily select online training courses relevant to my day-to-day role as well as courses that are a bit more on the personal development side.

What were some standout moments for you in your journey with Nitro so far?

There are loads!

Nitro’s successful IPO is up there without a doubt. This is something special that doesn’t happen often. The IPO marks such an exciting time for Nitro and creates a great opportunity for growth.

Seeing other people around me succeed is also important to me. This is a team sport so when we win, we win together! I love to help my team in any way that I can.

Another standout moment was receiving the ‘Nitro Digger’ award in July 2019. I was fortunate enough to close the biggest Corporate deal in Europe. (This award recognizes high performance—one of Nitro’s core values.)

What value have you carried with you throughout your career and where did you first hear it?

The key values I carry with me are hard work, huge belief, and resilience. If you ask anyone on the team, they’ll tell you that high energy is guarantee with me. Regardless of your role at Nitro, you’ll see our core values; be good, no bullshit, and high-performance in action every day.

What are you most excited about as you grow in your role at Nitro?

I am excited about how the business growing as a result of the IPO! The Nitro Productivity Suite is an exceptional product that solves real problems, for any customer in any industry—making way for exciting future opportunities for our team!

Our sales team is growing! Come work with Scott and the rest of the team at Nitro. Check out our open roles in San Francisco, Dublin, Melbourne, Toronto, and London.