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What Does Standardization Have to Do with ITAM?


We’re spotlighting the profession of IT asset management in this blog series. Read on to learn what role standardization plays in the world of ITAM.

We’re spotlighting the profession of IT asset management in this blog series. Read on to learn what role standardization plays in the world of ITAM.

Modern IT asset management systems are governed by the ISO/IEC 19770 standard and its subsequent parts. ISO/IEC 19770 outlines the best management practices and applications of IT assets for organizations worldwide. Aligning with the latest ISO standards helps ensure that an organization’s asset management system is designed for maximum value and scale.

According to the International Standards Organization, ISO/IEC 19770 enables organizations to keep up with rapid IT advances in the modern world.

“Because IT is an essential enabler for almost all activity in today’s world, these standards must integrate tightly into all of IT,” according to the ISO report. “For example, from a process perspective, SAM standards must be able to be used with all Management System Standards, because software and software management are essential components of any modern Management System. From a technology perspective, SAM standards for information structures provide not only for data interoperability of software management data, but also provide the basis for many related benefits such as more effective security in the use of software.”

ISO/IEC 19770 serves as a roadmap for IT asset managers, and Masters of Standardization build their management systems to comply.

We’re pleased to be honoring five Masters of ITAM who are standouts in the area of standardization – congrats to the honorees!

Masters of Standardization

Heather Young, Corporate Software Asset Manager – Google
Why she was honored: In addition to service in software asset management for the tech giant, Heather also is an active United States representative to the Internal Organization for Standardization, working to improve SAM standards worldwide.

Lori Hartman, IT Infrastructure PM/Implementation Specialist – Riverside University Health System
Why she was honored: Lori managed several high-profile projects for her healthcare client, including implementation projects with Office 365, upgrading their coding system to the new ICD-10 standard, and implementing a time tracking system with Kronos.

Sharon Weisfeld, IT Asset Management and Procurement – Eaton
Why she was honored: Sharon has been the voice of IT asset management and analysis at Eaton for three decades. Throughout her time she has built three support organizations, implemented PC standards and a PC asset management/leasing program, and debuted a Remedy Asset Management module now in use at all global Eaton locations.

Madelyn Chappell, IT Software Asset Manager – Northrop Grumman
Why she was honored: Madelyn brings over 15 years of experience in IT asset management, specializing in engineering for defense and space firms. She focuses on the effective application and standardization of client use software for enterprise clients.

Sue Schelonka, IT Asset Manager, Prime Therapeutics
Why she was honored: Sue holds a variety of industries in her repertoire, including work for a major IT services organization as well as her current work in the insurance industry. She leverages HP Asset Manager and ServiceNow Software Asset Management in her roles.