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How to Achieve Healthcare Digitalization Across Your Organization

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Discover how healthcare organizations are improving the entire patient journey with a smart digital transformation strategy.

Healthcare organizations have been taking heat from all sides. Even before the pandemic, they were under pressure to embrace telemedicine and digitalization at a high level to keep pace with changing patient demand and evolving technologies.

With the added stressors induced by the pandemic such as understaffing and patient overflow, healthcare organizations experienced even greater difficulty rising to the challenge of successful digital transformation. But never has the time been more crucial for healthcare to make the commitment to digital strategy and innovation.

In this article, we answer your questions about embracing healthcare digitalization and how to get started by exploring document automation tools like PDF and eSign software solutions.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare
PDF and eSign: An Essential Part of Healthcare Digitalization
How Do PDF and eSign Solutions Ensure Document Security?
Use Cases for PDF & eSign in Healthcare Digital Transformation
How Ramsay Santé Saves Time and Money with Nitro PDF & eSign
Why Choose Nitro for Your Digital Health Transformation?

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The road to digital transformation in healthcare doesn’t have to be paved with obstacles. It is possible with the right tools, namely ones that automate and digitize documents. In such a paper-heavy industry—laden with the strictest compliance regulations—making the move from paper to digital documents is a must for healthcare organizations to best serve patients today.

PDF and eSign: An Essential Part of Healthcare Digitalization

Of course, there are many moving parts to a successful digital transformation in your healthcare organization. Here's why beginning with documentation is the smartest first step:

Demand for Digital Is High

According to Pew research, most Americans want their health information and data to be both more accessible and better protected. Today’s patients expect to be able to access their health information across apps and devices—and for that information to be safe.

PDF and eSign solutions help healthcare organizations combine simplicity and security for patients. With these tools, you’ll fulfill the demand for the digital patient journey and the requirement that their health information remains secure.

Telemedicine Is Here to Stay

If your healthcare organization hasn’t fully embraced some form of telemedicine, it will soon. Chances are you’ve made moves towards digitalization in some way because the pandemic forced it upon most healthcare facilities. However, maybe it wasn't completed properly in the haste to adapt quickly. Or, you might still be seeing bumps in your ability to provide stellar patient experiences in a virtual capacity.

Telemedicine is the way of the future for both providers and patients, and digital documentation solutions like PDF and eSign software are a necessary part of a successful strategic shift.

Research has found that U.S. patients see digital health technology as:

  • Reducing their wait times
  • Making visits more convenient
  • Saving them money

When considering digital health technology, doctors reported workflow efficiency as the number one factor. The draw of telemedicine is only going to grow in intensity, so healthcare needs to embrace digital PDF and eSign solutions as part of their digital strategy in order to keep up.

Compliance Is Paramount

As a healthcare organization, you have strict compliance requirements and want to ensure any document solution provider can support your need for HIPAA compliance. PDF and eSign solutions allow you to create, process and share digital documents in complete compliance with these laws, such as eIDAS, GDPR and more.

Visit Nitro’s Trust Center to learn more about how we protect healthcare organizations and patients.

Workflow Acceleration and Accuracy Are Key

If you’re planning on growing your healthcare practice, you’ll need to maintain accurate digital patient records. There is no real future for healthcare that involves antiquated paper processes.

As patients continue to expect documents such as registration forms or insurance files to be shared and completed electronically, your organization will need to perform workflows digitally and quickly while ensuring data accuracy.

PDF and eSign software solutions are must-have tools to achieve both goals.

How Do PDF and eSign Solutions Ensure Document Security?

The document solutions that are a best-fit for a healthcare digitalization strategy are ones that compromise nothing when it comes to security.

PDF and eSign solutions from a provider like Nitro offer high-trust eSignatures that meet the most stringent industry compliance requirements, and ensure all documents remain secure in a single platform. Each signature is legally binding and all patient files and data are protected in compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA and QTSP.

Learn more about high-trust eSigning in our Ultimate Guide to Electronic Signatures.

Questions about how security for digital healthcare documents works? Get in touch with the experts at Nitro today.

Use Cases for PDF & eSign in Healthcare Digital Transformation

Leveraging PDF and eSign solutions can have real impact on how your healthcare organization succeeds on a daily basis:

  • Improve the patient journey from onboarding to surgery and more. Without paper-based processes, your patients will start off on the ideal foot with your organization in a seamless, digital onboarding experience. Today’s patients expect a digital experience in healthcare just as they do with consumer companies, and you’ll fulfill this expectation through document processes that make their files easily accessible and secure.

    In a scenario such as a surgery, the patient can fill out pre-operation documentation or sign registration forms from any desired location and device—reducing the time they need to spend in the facility before their operation.

  • Speed up record transference. Patients that request medical record transference from your facility can throw a wrench in staff’s day-to-day work if those records are only on paper. Scanning, securing and emailing dozens of pages of medical records are processes that can be made instant through healthcare digitalization solutions. You can quickly and easily combine, convert and optimize any document format into a secure PDF file.

  • Reduce insurance and billing hassles. Outside of typical medical forms such as consent or registration documents, healthcare organizations are burdened with volumes of insurance and billing documents on a daily basis. Communicating with insurance companies through paper processes takes time, delays patient care and creates bottlenecks in workflows.

    With PDF and eSign solutions as part of their overall digitalization strategy, healthcare facilities can reduce time and effort needed to work with insurance companies and speed up approvals and billing paperwork.

How Ramsay Santé Saves Time and Money with Nitro PDF & eSign

As the second-largest private healthcare provider in Europe, Ramsay Santé handles millions of files each year—all of which needed to be archived from a 30-year period. The provider knew it needed a documentation solution for a digital transformation strategy, and also wanted to explore digital signatures as a way to speed up workflows.

With Nitro, Ramsay Santé have automated processes from registration to archiving, making it an innovator in document handling in Europe’s healthcare sector. They’ve also saved massive time by having their 2 million patients digitally sign documents instead of using paper. With verified eSignatures, they’re able to manage secure patient onboarding while meeting the proper standards for hosting and storing healthcare data.


“If I had to summarize our collaboration with Nitro and our experience with digital signatures for healthcare, I would say efficiency, responsiveness and user friendliness for our patients.”

Olivier Tarneaud, Manager of Marketing and Digital Strategy


Why Choose Nitro for Your Digital Health Transformation?

Nitro is your partner for a successful healthcare digital transformation strategy.

Integrations & Free Trials

When it comes to digital transformation, healthcare facilities can’t afford to gamble on software—hoping it’ll be the right fit and banking on the IT department assimilating it into the tech stack quickly.

That’s why the right solution should have flexible integrations and APIs as well as a “try before you buy” option.

Nitro’s PDF and eSign solutions come with powerful software integrations and APIs that enable healthcare organizations to easily integrate document automation into their entire digital healthcare environment without having to toss older systems. You don’t have to start from scratch with our solution.

You also get access to our no-risk, free pilot program to evaluate our solutions for an extended period and be sure your healthcare digital transformation is on the right path.

Cost Flexibility and Efficiency

We know healthcare organizations are under immense pressure to squeeze value out of every penny, which is why Nitro doesn’t treat your organization like a cash cow. We are not a transaction-based company, but rather one invested in long-term partnerships. We believe your digital document ecosystem should be scalable and flexible to accommodate real-time needs and challenges. We respect your budget and do not surprise you with fees should you require more licenses.

Nitro also offers an analytics product as part of our all-in-one eSign and PDF solution that helps you measure your productivity across Nitro’s tools. You can use it to capture data, improve usage of the solution, and calculate savings. Analytics enables you to prove ROI and measurable productivity.

Workflow Optimization Across Document Types

Streamline workflows for the following common healthcare documents:

  • Patient registration
  • Medical forms
  • Insurance documents
  • Billing statements
  • Patient records
  • Consent forms
  • Contracts

There is no effective “one and done” scenario in healthcare digitalization. Nitro supports your healthcare organization with a dedicated support team that doesn’t require a big spend. Our goal is to help you meet long-term goals and deliver an unmatched patient experience.

Telemedicine Enablement

Wherever your staff and patients are located, our PDF, eSign and digitalization solutions support their document processes. As telemedicine preference and use increases, your healthcare organization will be ready with Nitro’s mobility capabilities that enable work across mobile devices and platforms. The Nitro Productivity Platform gives you one solution for PDF, eSign and automatic analytics for usage, environmental impact and ROI.

Successful Digital Transformation in Healthcare Starts with Nitro

To learn more about how Nitro can help your organization strategize for successful healthcare digitalization, get in touch today.