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How Nitro Went Reactive with Typesafe


Much like buying the right ingredients makes for a successful (read: delicious) dinner, adopting the right tools is key to achieving a tech company’s #1 goal: innovation. So when Nitro wanted to take SaaS by storm and bring smart documents to everyone with Nitro Cloud, we went hunting for a technology platform option that would allow this in a scalable and flexible way.

We definitely didn’t find our ideal solution right off the bat, and tested various combinations of different tools. In the end, we found an amazing partnership with Typesafe using their Reactive Platform, and we’re excited that they’ve decided to share our story through a case study on their site.


Head over to the Typesafe blog to read about Nitro’s entire platform transition, starting in 2011 with C++ desktop apps making simple calls to a monolithic .Net web services tier, to building a reactive multi-client system using Typesafe’s Reactive Platform.