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Digitizing Document Workflows Is a Top Enterprise Priority, Experts Say

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New research from GigaOm analyzes industry-leading eSignature and PDF solution providers.

Whether you’re frustrated with your current PDF and eSignature solution or looking to adopt 100% digital workflows for the first time, you can plan your digital journey with the new GigaOm report. It examines how the rapid growth of digital workflows delivers on key business initiatives such as cost savings, ROI, and accelerating digital transformation.

The report evaluates and details the results of real-world tests of three market-leading solutions in the PDF and eSignature space—Adobe®, Nitro, and DocuSign®. Interested in knowing how well each solution stacks up? Download the full report today.

Below is an overview of the top findings:

The push towards digital transformation

Report author and Information Security Analyst, Thom Langford, notes that the pandemic has changed how business gets done in all sectors. Companies that have shifted their internal processes and customer experiences to digital platforms have seen measurable improvements in attaining their business goals, compared to those that are not as agile.

There are many ways to begin your digital transformation, but enabling end-to-end digital workflows is a good first step — especially when you consider that only 39% of workers feel their document workflows are somewhat up-to-date at best.

Benefits and challenges of adopting digital document workflows

Cost savings and improved employee efficiency are clear benefits of making PDF and eSigning tools available more broadly within your organization. According to our research, 55% of workers said better document productivity technology would save them time, and 51% said it would make their jobs easier. Additionally, the significant reduction of operational printing costs will boost your bottom line and sustainability efforts.

On the other side, there are some challenges with digitization. These are two-fold, adopt and deploy the new software first, and then ensure everyone in the enterprise is trained and capable of using it effectively. Part of the task includes educating teams already accustomed to existing workflows. See how dedicated change management support can help in the full GigaOm report.

Converting from paper-based processes to streamlined digital workflows is not just a two–dimensional “lift and shift” technology problem. The solution interface must be intuitive, the workflow natural and apparent, and the application superior to the legacy processes it will replace. Find out how to cope with technical debt, organizational and work culture changes, and leverage powerful workplace insights in this free recorded webinar. 

Delivering end-to-end solutions with the industry leaders

Not all companies are the same, neither are their solutions. The right solution can propel your digital transformation with cost savings and unexplored efficiencies. Use the GigaOm report as a resource for key considerations as you evaluate different technologies. Here’s a breakdown of the three industry-leading PDF productivity and eSignature solutions outlined in the report:

  • DocuSign 
  • Adobe Acrobat DC 
  • The Nitro Productivity Suite  

Caption: Figure 1: High-Level Capabilities

The Venn diagram in Figure 1 offers a high-level perspective of the capabilities offered by DocuSign, Acrobat DC, and the Nitro Productivity Suite. By understanding where each product’s capabilities intersect, organizations can better determine how these solutions can meet their needs.

Democratizing PDF and eSigning tools across entire teams is critical to success. If the chosen solution is only available to a few team members, it will make the rest of the transformation challenging. As IT departments and project managers know, rolling out new software is rarely straightforward. Crucial factors to consider when enabling digital document workflows are environmental impact, customer success, and whether the solution supports change management with specific programs like a pilot.

It’s also important to know the level of insights available before investing in a digital document solution. With intelligent insights, organizations can set and track benchmarks for feature adoption, monitor deployments and versioning to encourage standardization, and view printer usage to identify where digital workflow training could be most impactful. This knowledge provides organizations visibility into the savings generated by reduced printing and proves ROI.

Take the next step—start with the right solution

Digital document transformation can be overwhelming, but the right solution can make all the difference. Download the report for a full evaluation of the market-leading solutions and start embracing a digital-first future today.

To learn more about how Nitro can help your organization make a difference in mission critical areas, contact us.