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Nitro Survey Reveals More than 70% of IT Leaders Identify Digital Transformation as Priority


More than 95% of respondents agree that improving employee productivity is critical to digital transformation success.

<h2>More than 95% of respondents agree that improving employee productivity is critical to digital transformation success.<h2>

The results of a recent Nitro Customer survey reveal how technology decision makers at leading organizations view digital transformation.

According to the survey, more than 70% of technology leaders agree that digital transformation is a priority, with less than 10% finding digital transformation efforts to be minimal or unimportant.

IT leaders clearly understand that digital transformation has arrived at their businesses and are working to address it.

Gartner recently published its 2016 CIO Agenda Survey, which showed that digitalization is intensifying, moving from an innovative trend to a core competency.

“Enterprises need to understand and exploit platform effects throughout all aspects of their businesses,” Gartner said. “Not doing so will threaten their ability to: deliver; attract and retain talent; and have their products/services perceived as value-adding by customers.

Digitalization is a reality and represents a critical advantage for businesses, but organizations vary widely in their approach to digital transformation.

In an effort to better understand how IT leaders are navigating this shift, Nitro surveyed technology decision makers in more than 200 organizations with more than 500 employees.

“This survey supports what I’m hearing directly from CIOs at some of the biggest brands in the world,” said Sam Chandler, CEO of Nitro. “CIOs and their direct reports want to move the needle on digital transformation within their organizations, and they understand this is the year to do so. While much of the digital transformation discussion focuses on the customer, these IT leaders realize that internal processes are a critical part of the puzzle.”

Nitro’s survey found that IT leaders from companies like Safeway, Xerox, and Aston Martin understand that digital transformation is necessary to realizing customer engagement across the lifecycle.

Employee procedures and processes must first be addressed in order to drive organizational efficiency, as well as employee productivity and performance. If you would like learn more you might want to check out this website for more information.

Nearly all respondents agreed that improving employee productivity is essential to a fully realized digital transformation, with more than 95% agreeing.

However, challenges to realizing employee productivity gains abound, and many of them are centered on document processes.

The data revealed that:

  • More than 70% see paper as a continued organizational obstacle
  • More than 50% see inconsistency in workflow and collaboration
  • More than 40% struggle with document version control
  • More than 1/3 grapple with lack of visibility into document activity

Streamlining document processes remains a challenge, but IT leaders at surveyed organizations are not standing still.

The survey found that respondents are determined to address their employee productivity bottlenecks. 63% of surveyed organizations currently working on initiatives to phase out paper, or have planned kickoffs in the next six months and 72% of the respondents asserted that Nitro is actively helping their businesses to go paperless.

Other process and workflow findings were equally illuminating.

When asked about their document processes, nearly all respondents identified significant ways that Nitro is enabling better internal productivity, such as through eliminating paper (59%), streamlining collaboration though sharing and approval workflows (32%), and increasing consistency and standardization (32%).

This digital transformation survey was administered to Nitro customers by TechValidate. The survey period was April 25th through May 9th. The survey included questions about digital transformation efforts, internal requirements and efforts, and digital transformation priorities. 5,131 IT leaders were asked to participate. A total of 263 people completed the survey (a response rate of 5.1 percent).

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