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The Adobe Acrobat Alternative: One #StrategicIT Pro Shares His Nitro Story


In the course of putting together our latest eBook, Strategic IT: 5 ways IT pros can collaborate with leadership to increase business influence, we came into contact with Jeremy Thompson, an IT Manager at a law enforcement agency.


Jeremy played an integral role in the way our ebook came together, providing valuable insight into how IT can become a better strategic business partner with company leadership. It also turned out that Jeremy had recently led an initiative to replace licenses of Adobe Acrobat in his organization with Nitro Pro.

He was kind enough to tell us about his experience vetting Adobe Acrobat alternatives, and how he landed on Nitro. Here’s what he had to say:

About my organization:
“We’re a law enforcement agency with around 1,000 users.”

Our document productivity needs:
“The people within the organization using digital documents right now are in the accounting and tax departments. They take reports from the software we have and convert PDFs into Excel documents so they can work with the numbers.

“In another department, we’re moving over to a digital solution with signature pads so we can reduce paper, storage, ink, and other costs that come with a paper-based reporting system. Employees are excited because it will make the process faster and easier. Signatures will be stored on a hard drive that can be accessed from anywhere, instead of on a piece of paper in a filing cabinet.”

How I found Nitro:
“I was looking for an Adobe Acrobat alternative because of that program’s high cost. Whenever you’re looking at $250+ for a license and you have multiple users, you do your due diligence to see if there’s anything out there comparable for less money. You don’t want to spend so much on a piece of software that’s used for a fraction of a person’s job.”

Why I chose Nitro:
“In choosing Nitro, I made sure it had the capabilities we need it for now—but also functions we may use later. I didn’t want to limit myself. I needed to know it has key document productivity features—and it does, at a much cheaper price than Adobe. The purchase decision came down to price, but I felt good about it because I knew Nitro would provide the equivalent of Acrobat.”

Ease of use
“Some users were used to Adobe Acrobat, but they really liked Nitro when they got used to it because it’s easy. It’s been really natural for them to pick up and learn. The menu is really good, and the new modern UI is in line with other newer software packages.”

“The purchase and implementation was very smooth and easy. It’s what you would expect of any large software company—good support, easy download, and a single license to manage.”

“We’ve already saved money. On licensing alone, we’ve cut more than half of the costs than those we carried with Adobe. When you’re looking at a PDF solution overall—getting rid of those costs for printing time, paper, ink, and time saved with manual processes—you can definitely recognize the savings with digital document software.”

Special thanks to Jeremy for sharing his story about switching to Nitro from Adobe Acrobat! If you’re interested in doing the same, you can learn more here.

Are you a Nitro convert and want to share your story? Write us in the comments section below, or send us an email to have it featured here on the blog and beyond!