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6 Spooky Things People Still Do With Documents


From frightening formatting to scary security stumbles, are you a victim of these document horror stories?

It’s the season of tricks and treats, and there’s one thing you don’t want full of spooky surprises this year—your documents!

Be afraid—be very afraid—of these scary things people still do with their files.

1. Scream If You Start Your PDFs From Scratch

Having to create the same documents from scratch over and over can be haunting to say the least. But did you know it’s easy to take your documents from boring to boo-tiful?

Using PDF templates can banish frightening formatting, save time and eliminate grave errors that could be keeping you up at night.

2. Paper Waste, Witchcraft and Wizardy

Printing your documents can be a wicked waste of time and money. Does your printer feel cursed, always jamming at the worst time? Do hard copies mysteriously fall into black holes, lost forever?

Going digital can help you cut costs and eliminate all those petrifying paper-based processes like printing, scanning and copying.

3. Don’t Leave Your Documents in the Dark

Ever thought about who could be lurking behind you taking a peek at your documents? Or even worse, playing tricks on your important files when you’re not looking.

Knowing exactly what happens with your documents can help you minimize any unnecessary nightmares.

4. Still Manually Signing Your Soul Away?

Here’s a scary story you probably know well. You need to get your document signed. You print it, scan it and try to track the person down to get their handwritten signatures. It’s like going door-to-door trick or treating—just without the treats.

Think about making the move to electronic signatures. It could make your life a hell of a lot easier.

5. Lose Your Identity...If You Dare

Dressing up at Halloween and pretending to be someone else for the night is great fun, but when the clock strikes midnight, you get your identity back. When it comes to your documents, you want to be sure you aren’t working with a monster in disguise.

Protect yourself by verifying who you’re working with.

6. Shocking Security Stumbles

Perhaps the most terrifying mistake people still make is not securing sensitive data and documents.  Are you storing important files in your desk drawer? Are you eSigning unencrypted documents?

Evil villains are everywhere. Keep your personal data safe from the wrong eyeballs.

What scary things have you seen people do with documents?

Need to escape your own document horror story? Give us a shout. We can save you.