Mental Health Awareness: How We’re Supporting Our Team

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This month at Nitro, we are focusing on mental health and wellbeing. The last 12 months have proven our health is our wealth and that includes our mental wellbeing. So often, we base our health solely on physical things, like do I eat right? Or do I do enough exercise? But your mental health is just as important! 

The COVID19 pandemic has forced many of us to look inward and assess how we are feelingWe are now living with varying degrees of uncertainty, and this has brought about new discussions surrounding self-care and mental health. Over the last couple of years, weve seen a rise in apps such as Headspace and Calm as well as an uptick in meditation, yoga, and everything else in the self-care arena. We have so much amazing content available at our fingertips, all we need to do is find what works best for us!  

Employee experience and wellbeing are pivotal to all our decisions at Nitrowe want Nitronauts to feel supported in every aspect of their livesWe understand that when it comes to mental health one size does not fit all. To help us navigate the sea of self-care and well-being content, we have recently launched our new Wellbeing+ Program 

Wellbeing+ ensures that healthcare benefits encompass more than just lowering the cost of medical treatment. It encompasses the body and mind holistically, and for 2021 includes some exciting new apps to help us achieve our wellbeing goals. We have engaged with several amazing partners on our journey including Modern Health, Peptalk, and Aaptiv. These partner platforms provide diverse ways to look after your mental health and overall wellbeing, ensuring there is something for everyone.  

At Nitro, we stand over our Be Good value in everything that we do but no more so than in how we constantly review our offerings for our Nitronauts. Our people team is constantly looking for ways to promote and enhance the well-being of our teams and making sure that they are supported to be the best version of themselves – Katie Banks, Senior Director, Global People. 

We acknowledge that Mental Health Month is an opportunity to raise awareness in our workplace and community. This year, Nitro Gives (one of our internal resource groups) has selected some amazing charities to support. These organizations work tirelessly to provide essential Mental Health services and ensure that education and understanding of mental illness remains a priority: 

This month, well also hear from some amazing speakers including a live session with Psychotherapist & Burn Out Expert Siobhan Murray, and a podcast from U.S. Navy Seal & Resilience Coach, Ben Ives. Additionally, we’ll launch our Workplace Well-being Championships in partnership with Peptalk 

Be Good is one of Nitro’s core values, and we aim to learn and educate each other on how best we can support one another. We have a culture of openness and no B.S. that extends beyond our roles as colleagues, we are a family here to support and listen!  


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