Honoring Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Nitro

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At Nitro, diversity isn’t just an objective we work toward. It’s a mission that calls us to embody one of our founding values: Be Good. May is Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, and we’re celebrating by spotlighting some amazing Nitronauts in the AAPI community. 

I sat down with Julie Gannon, Tiffany Farolanand Eric Salas to discuss what this month means to them and how they’re celebrating: 

Eric Salas, VP of Business Operations & Strategy 

It’s important we do anything we can do to help broaden people’s perspectives on the whole Asian experience, and that goes for us as well, as there are so many Asian cultures that are represented under umbrella of the AAPI term, and we all have very different experiences, heritages, and backgrounds. [I have] a newfound appreciation around the breadth of that Asian experience.”  

Julie Gannon, Global Manager of SMB & MM Sales 

“For me, the last month has been about holding my shoulders tall, being proud of my heritage, and being more open to talking about it… because people aren’t going to learn unless we’re willing to share.

Tiffany Farolan, Senior Business Partner 

This is the year of change, by looking inwards and understanding your roots [we] can help educate people, and ultimately become a better society... Being a member of the AAPI group has been amazing, it’s really connected me with my Filipino roots, and made me think about how I want to be represented as an Asian woman in leadership. 

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