Your Next PDF Editor: What to Look for in an Adobe® Acrobat® Alternative

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For a quarter of a century, PDFs have streamlined business processes across nearly all industries, saving companies time and money. In fact, one of the first organizations to hop on the PDF bandwagon was—drumroll please—the IRS, which embraced the productivity-boosting file format within PDF’s first few years of existence.

But PDFs have come a long way from the early days of being un-editable versions of proprietary files. Today, PDF editing solutions come in all shapes and sizes, delivering the ability to highlight some text and add a comment or touch up a file with vital branding assets—from the company behind the PDF and its suite of tools to Apple and its basic PDF preview screen.

If you need a fully integrated PDF productivity tool and eSigning solution that delivers unmatched customer service and product transparency, then it’s time to expect more than the status quo, and consider making the switch to an Adobe® Acrobat® alternative that can give you a better, more affordable fit for your needs.

Why an Adobe Acrobat Alternative?

Why? As an IT professional, you know how difficult it can be to find the right solutions for digital transformation for your company. Whether you’re stuck on a budget or struggling to find a solution that’s easy to implement out of the box, the right Adobe alternative partner can have a sweeping impact on your organization. How? Here are a few ways:

  • Cost Consciousness: Working with the right solution, your PDF productivity and eSigning tool can help you stay on budget with a transparent, flexible licensing structure that enables you to equip everyone in your organization affordably.
  • Streamlining: Switching to an Adobe alternative means you can find an easy and affordable solution to standardize processes and tools. No longer will you need to worry about juggling different vendors, products,  and capabilities—you’ve got a single point of contact to get things done.
  • A True Partner: You’re busy—not to mention responsible for dealing with endless contract negotiations—so you need your PDF productivity and eSigning solution vendor to be transparent and easy to work with. If you’re looking for a vendor who will always put your business first, invest in an Adobe alternative.
  • Reliability: A clear-cut, straightforward, and predictable solution is the answer to driving workplace productivity and digital transformation. To achieve these efficiencies, your PDF productivity solution needs a fully integrated eSigning solution so your employees can skip the printer completely.
  • Secure: Different Adobe alternatives offer different levels and types of security, but the right partner will ensure the right type of security tools for your business. Knowing you’ve got a partner who values your need to redact sensitive information, set specific permissions, or verify whether an eSignature is valid and trustworthy gives you priceless peace of mind.

Why You Should Make the Switch to an Adobe Acrobat Alternative

By making the switch to an Adobe alternative, you’ll be securing a partner who has your company’s best interest and business needs in mind. When you have a trusted PDF productivity solution partner, even the basic tools that come standard with your productivity solution will feel like perks, including:

  • Creating PDFs from emails
  • Merging different document types into one easily searchable PDF
  • Processing PDFs in batches to generate hundreds at a time
  • Editing PDFs for brightness, contrast, and more
  • Customizing layouts for printing so you can produce books or multiple pages
  • Comparison features that determine file differences quickly and easily
  • Redacting content or metadata to ensure security

Although Adobe invented PDF in the 1990s, the company doesn’t have a monopoly on PDF productivity and eSigning solutions. Finding a productivity partner who understands your business and its needs is the key to improving productivity, cutting costs, and beginning your organization’s digital transformation.

Find out more about how making the switch can impact your company by downloading our e-book, Top Reasons for Replacing Adobe Acrobat with Nitro Pro, today. Then, get your free trial and experience what partnering with an Adobe alternative really looks like.

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