The Digital Age is All About the Customer

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In his latest piece for Australian publication Anthill, Adam Nowiski, Director of APAC at Nitro, addressed what seems to be the only constant in today’s ever-evolving digital business landscape: the customer.

He observes that customer service is increasingly being recognized as a top-down priority, due largely to the ‘always-on’ expectations the modern customer carries for their service providers. And with ‘improving the customer experience’ appearing at the top of the digital transformation priority list in many organizations, it’s clear that leaders must find ways to continue delighting their customer base while ensuring the customer-first mindset becomes—if it isn’t already—a central aspect of company culture.

To encourage startups to offer the best possible customer service they can, Nowiski’s Anthill article presented three practical tips for building loyalty and satisfaction, even as demands are changing faster than ever.

1. Communication is key.

Nowiski urges startups to communicate authentically with customers—and not just when things aren’t going right. Sharing new content, requesting product feedback, and announcing company news are all fantastic ways to build trust and keep lines of communication open. Such regular contact should also make breaking bad news, like service outages and product bugs, go more smoothly.

2. Know the customer journey.

Taking an objective view of your customers’ different journeys can be difficult to do—sometimes we’re just too close to our product or service. To overcome this, Nowiski recommends connecting directly with customers to find out firsthand about their buying experience, how they’re personally using your product, where they see room for improvement, and even where they hope the future takes your offering. Understanding customer journey can help you get a better idea of the interaction between the customer and the company. It’s all about the experience the customer has while using the services/products a business offers, which is very important.

Just remember: knowing is half the battle. Establishing mechanisms for acting on customer feedback is just as important as collecting it in the first place. If your customer’s perception of your business isn’t as positive as you would like, why not use a service like NGP Integrated Marketing Communications to help correct that.

3. Get employees on board.

For any organization to truly excel at customer service, employees must be bought in. As your biggest brand ambassadors, your team has the unique opportunity to translate their enthusiasm about your product or service into a great experience for your customers. It’s the job of company leadership to ensure employees realize the value they bring to the organization in this capacity.

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