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Battery Ventures Invests $15m in Nitro’s Next Chapter


Today is a very special day for Nitro. We’re announcing a $15m investment from Battery Ventures, and the start of Nitro’s “second chapter”. If chapter one was about first generation document sharing, chapter two expands to include second generation document sharing. And we’re excited to have the team from Battery joining us for the next part of the Nitro story.

When we talk about first and second generation document sharing, we’re really talking about changes in the way people work. Until recently, most office productivity happened on the desktop. Today, it’s happening everywhere. We’ve had incredible success with Nitro Pro over the past 9 years, as the first and now leading alternative to Adobe Acrobat, but increasingly customers were asking for new and even better ways to share documents – in the browser and on mobile – and that led to the creation and launch of Nitro Cloud.

Our Nitro Pro customers wanted to know how they could get contracts signed faster, collaborate more efficiently, seek document approvals in seconds, and get more visibility into their high-value document workflows. Nitro Cloud has been created for those customers, and many more we haven’t met yet, as the ultimate “smart documents” platform. And we’ve only just gotten started. We have big plans for the product roadmap and will talk to those publicly in due course.

Some of you may have also noticed that we’ve moved from our former www.nitropdf.comdomain to Why? Very simply: today, we’re much more than just a PDF company. We’re a document productivity company. We have a long history in PDF, but it’s not all we do.

Nitro Cloud leverages our deep expertise in PDF, and the power of the format, but Cloud is really all about our vision for a format-agnostic world. Cloud is a service that will take documents created anywhere, in any format, offline or online, and make it easy for users to share, sign and collaborate. Smart documents on smart platforms like Nitro Cloud is very similar to PDF. Smart documents have many of the benefits of PDF – like fidelity, security, content permissions, and collaboration capabilities – but supercharged and modernized, with legally binding e-signatures, versioning, content management functionality, workflow features that can be turned on and off at will, document analytics, better browser and mobile device compatibility, and more.

Our mission is still to make businesses more productive when it comes to working with documents, but now we offer two solutions, presented side by side: Nitro Pro for first-generation document sharing, and Nitro Cloud for second-generation document sharing. As a customer, you can use both these products together, and we hope you will.


Battery’s Mike Katz is now a proud Nitronaut… and week-old new baby Liberty is too!
Congrats Mike!

Today is a big day for Nitro, and also for our users, customers and partners. The next chapter has begun, and we couldn’t be more excited. I’d like to formally welcome Michael Brown and the rest of the crew at Battery aboard, as official Nitronauts, and we thank you for believing in our business and our team.

Go Nitro!


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