No One Is You And That Is Your Power

Do Your Best Work
Our mission is to help create, develop and support an environment where great people come to do their best work.
Building Culture Together
Together, we aim to build an inclusive culture that supports and celebrates the diverse voice of all our Nitronauts.
Inclusivity First
Everyone is welcome–as an inclusive workplace, we encourage employees to bring their authentic selves to work.

Nitro Resource Groups

Nitro Resource Groups represent communities of employees that celebrate the individual experiences that make our culture great. Our work toward a more equitable workplace is ongoing, and our NRG’s encourage action towards that goal.
Black Lives Alliance
Asian American & Pacific Islanders
Women In Tech
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Nitro Parents

Gender Diversity Initiatives

Pronoun Inclusion
Slack and Teams Profiles now feature preferred pronouns, and our team has created inclusive email signature templates. This increases visibility and encourages the proper use of everyone’s preferred pronouns.
The Women In Tech Nitro Resource Group
What started as a forum for women to connect across the global Nitro offices has formed into the Women in Tech Nitro Resource Group. This group aims to promote women's voices, bring attention to diversity in the tech space, support local causes and charities, and give our employees a place to talk and be heard.
InHerSight Partnership
We joined forces with InHerSight to help showcase Nitro as a great place to work for all prospective candidates, particularly women and women of color. InHerSight believes in the power of data to improve the workplace, so they built a completely anonymous platform to measure how well organizations support women employees. InHerSight collects data on 18 key metrics that matter most to working women.

Racial Diversity Initiatives

Nitro Resource Groups
We have several active Nitro Resource Groups, including BLA NRG, AAPI NRG, and LGBTQ+ NRG. These communities support our Nitronauts and the broader associated communities, express thoughts and concerns, and share ideas and recommendations on how we can drive greater diversity and inclusion across the board at Nitro.
The Hidden Genius Project Partnership
The Hidden Genius Project is an Oakland-based organization that coaches and mentors Black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to help transform their lives and communities through opening doors to new opportunities. Nitro’s partnership with the Hidden Genius Project began in early 2021, with Nitronauts supporting HGP product showcases, university partnerships, and mentoring. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with HGP to launch an integrated internship program, which will offer a Genius a 6-month paid internship at Nitro. We welcomed our first intern in October 2021.