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Microsoft Office add-in settings

The Microsoft Office add-ins give you additional control over the PDF files you produce, including options for adding security, inserting bookmarks and hyperlinks, customizing pages sizes, compressing images, and much more. The settings vary based on the Office program you are using, and you can set different settings for each program, depending on the types of files you wish to produce.

How to modify the Office add-in settings:

For Microsoft Office 2007 onwards:

  1. In the Office program, on the Nitro PDF tab, in the Program Settings and General Settings groups, click and select the settings to use
  2. Optionally, in the General Settings group, click Advanced and choose from additional settings

Creation & General Settings

Create PDFConverts the current file to PDF

Create PDF (Outlook specific)
Allows you to create PDF files from the selected emails, from the selected text within the emails or to convert the attachments found in the selected emails
Prompt for filenamePops up a dialog allowing you to rename the PDF filename before saving it   
Applying securityUse passwords to control access to and the usage of PDF files. See the PDF Security section of this user guide for full information on the settings available   
Comply with PDF/A-1bEnables you to create PDF/A-1b compliant files from your Office documents. Refer to Creating PDF/A files for further information   
Open PDF file after creationOpens the PDF once it has been created   
Convert document summaryImports document properties such as Author, Title, Subject and more into the PDF

Office Program Specific Settings

Convert linksConverts all active links in the Office files to active hyperlinks in the PDF file
Prompt for filenamePops up a dialog allowing you to rename the PDF filename before saving it
BookmarksAutomatically creates bookmarks for Word headings, for each sheet in an Excel spreadsheet, or for each slide in a PowerPoint presentation
Include Workbook, Sheets, or SelectionAllows you to specify whether to convert an entire Excel workbook to PDF, a group of sheets, or a selection
Frame slidesPlaces a frame around each slide
Layout slidesAllows you to layout more than one slide per page in your PDF, as well as displaying your PowerPoint notes beneath each slide in the PDF
Embed AttachmentsThe attachments found in the selected email will be embedded into the converted PDF
Multiple Emails to:Allows you to convert multiple files into individual PDF files, a PDF package combining all the emails into one PDF, or into a PDF Portfolio (having one PDF file with an index that contains individual PDF files for each email)

Advanced Settings

OptimizationThe optimization settings allow you to select from pre-built optimization options, depending on how your file is to be used (for example, for web display or general office printing). You can also customize optimization settings, enabling you to specify image compression and font embedding options. Image compression and font embedding can significantly impact file size; you should experiment with different settings to determine the right balance between visual quality and file size for your needs   
ViewThe view options enable you to specify how the created PDF file will be opened in the PDF viewer. You can select from document display, page layout, and zoom options, as well as specify a page to open the file to. Additionally, you can set whether the file is opened in full-screen mode (if supported by the PDF viewer), or whether or not the window will be centered onscreen
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