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Nitro PDF Pro Windows

Use Bookmarks in a PDF

The bookmarks in Nitro Pro work much like the bookmarks you place in paper books-they allow you to retain links to particular pages in a document for quicker access, as well other actions, such as:

  • Go to a page in the current PDF document
  • Go to a page in another PDF document
  • Go to a web page
  • Open another file
  • Reset a form
  • Submit a form
  • Run JavaScript

With electronic bookmarks, you can group these links together in hierarchies, specify the exact text labels to use, and set your document so that the bookmarks are displayed or hidden when a document is first opened.

If they’re well laid out, a set of bookmarks will help the user understand the basic structure of long documents. Moreover, including bookmarks can help in encouraging your users to view documents onscreen instead of wasting paper by printing them.

The most common use of bookmarks-linking to different pages within a PDF-is just about the simplest way to make a document more user-friendly.

How to view bookmarks in a PDF file:

In the navigation tabs displayed along the left side of the Nitro Pro window, click the Bookmark tab. The Bookmarks pane opens.

Configure a PDF document so it opens with the Bookmarks pane

To set the initial view of a document so that it opens with the Bookmarks pane displayed:

  1. In the File menu, click Document Properties. The Document Properties dialog opens.
  2. In the Initial View tab, in the Navigation menu, select Bookmarks pane and page

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