User Guide
Nitro PDF Mac

Split View

Split the screen into two panes to compare different pages of a document side by side.

  1. In the Sidebar, select a page you want to see in the split view.
  2. Choose Window > Split and select Vertically or Horizontally, or Go > Go to Page in Split View. Go to Page in Split View typically defaults to your last selected view (vertically or horizontally).

Edits are made in the main view. Split view is in view-only mode. Click a pane to make it active. Pages selected in the active pane will have a blue border against a light grey background. In the split view, scroll, select a different page or change the zoom level of the active pane without affecting the other pane. To select a different page in the split view, type in a number.

To adjust the size of the pane, hover over the dividing line between the views until you see the two-sided arrow, then click and drag the divider to the left or right.

To return to single-page view, choose Window > Split > Remove Split.

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