User Guide
Nitro PDF Pro MacOS

Redacting Text

You can block out text (black out), or erase it (white out) with the redact function.

  1. Select the text you wish to redact.
  2. In the menu, choose Format > Redact text.
    • Choose Redact Text – Block if you want that text blacked out.
    • Choose Redact Text – Erase if you want a blank space in place of the text.
You will not be able to redact text that has already been made editable using the Correct Text button
. That text can instead be deleted. (Editing and Correcting Text).

Redact an Area

Redact a rectangular area of your document.

  1. Choose Tools > Select Rectangle tool
  2. Drag a rectangle over an area of your page.
  3. Choose Format > Redact Text - Block, or Erase.

All of the content in the rectangle area is securely redacted.

Find and Redact

From a search, you can redact keywords and phrases. (Searching PDFs).

Note: If there is any sensitive information in the document metadata, you must remove it manually in the Inspector under the Document Information tab (Command+Option+5). Find-and-Redact and Find-and-Replace do not scan the metadata.

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