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Nitro PDF Mac

Adding Page Labels

(Advanced feature of Nitro PDF Pro)

Adding or Editing Page Labels


  1. From the menu choose Edit > Headers, Footers, Page Numbers > Page Labels…
  2. Select from the following options for Pages:

    All: includes all pages for numbering.

    Selected Page(s): includes only the current page selected. If multiple pages were selected before invoking the Edit Page Labels dialog, this option would be chosen automatically.

    From: and “To”: numerically specify a page.

  3. Select from the following options for Labelling:

    Begin a new labelled page range: applies numbering to all pages or a specific page range as specified in the Pages options.

    Format: specifies the format and style of the inserted page numbers. Choose None, Numeral, Alphabetical, Roman.

    Prefix: specifies the value (example text: "Page") that will precede the page label numbering.

    Starting Page: specifies the starting page number that will be inserted.

    Continue labelling from preceding pages: select to continue the same numbering scheme as preceding pages. This option is only available when a range of pages is selected or specified.

Note: Select a range of thumbnails by selecting one thumbnail and then Shift-clicking on the thumbnail at the end of the range of pages you want to add.

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