User Guide
Nitro PDF Pro MacOS

Human Interface Notes

Dynamic Menus

The application’s pull-down menus list many items. However, if you hold down the Option or Command keys--either before opening a menu or while a menu is open--some menu items can change. Use the Option and or Command keys when choosing a special item from the dynamic menu.

Contextual Menus

Contextual menus, or shortcut menus, enable easy access to capabilities related to your current context. For example, suppose you have text selected and Control-click. In that case, a contextual menu will display various editing capabilities specific to the application, such as Copy, Paste, or Create Link from Selection. The contextual menu will also include broader macOS offerings such as access to the Dictionary and Spelling and Grammar. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use certain key combinations (shortcuts or hotkeys) to execute actions that may need a mouse or trackpad, such as Cut, Copy or Paste on the macOS. Many of the application’s menu items have keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are typically located to the right of the menu item. If a specific menu item does not yet have a shortcut, you can create your own keyboard shortcut. Please refer to our macOS Help section for further assistance.

Getting Started