User Guide
Nitro PDF Pro MacOS

Exporting to Text and Image Formats

Exporting to Plain Text (.txt) or Formatted Text (.rtf)

  1. Choose File > Export…
  2. From the “Export to:” menu, select either “Plain Text (.txt)” or “Rich Text (.rtf).”

Note: Plain text means all formatting (font, color, image, sizing) will be stripped from the document.

Export as TIFF, JPEG, PNG

Choose File > Export…. From the “Export to:” dialog that opens, choose a format, and select from the available export options:

Color Mode:

  • Color (full color)
  • Grayscale (smaller in size)
  • 1-bit (smallest possible size)


  • 72 (Web) dpi
  • 200 (Fax) dpi
  • 300 dpi (print quality)
  • 600 dpi (photo print quality)

Export each page as a separate TIFF file.

Nitro PDF Pro for MacOS Exporting