User Guide
Nitro PDF Mac

Creating PDFs from Existing Documents

Creating a New PDF from Pages of an Existing PDF

  1. Open an existing PDF file.
  2. In the Sidebar, select the thumbnails of the pages you want to include in the new PDF.
  3. Choose File > New > From Selection (Command+Shift+N). A new PDF file is created from the pages you selected.

Creating a New PDF from a Section of a Page of an Existing PDF

To create a PDF containing only a specific section of an existing PDF page:

  1. Open a PDF document.
  2. Navigate to the portion of the page you want in a new document.
  3. From the Editing bar, choose the Select Rectangle tool
    select rectangle
  4. Position your mouse, and drag over the area you want to be selected as a new PDF.
  5. Choose File > New > From Selection.

Nitro will create a new PDF file from the selected portion of the page.