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Nitro PDF Pro MacOS

Converting HTML to PDF

(Advanced feature of Nitro PDF Pro)

To convert an HTML file to a PDF document:

  1. Choose File > New from HTML…
  2. Locate the HTML file on your hard drive or enter the complete http:// web address of an HTML file in the search field.
  3. Choose Create to finish.
  4. A PDF document will be created containing your web pages.

There are several settings in the New from HTML… window.

Paste in the complete target http:// web address or HTML file location on your hard drive.

Select Index File…
Convert HTML files on your computer to PDF.

  1. Locate the folder containing the HTML and image source files you would like to transfer to PDF. Then click Select Folder.
  2. Next, select the specific HTML file which is the index of the HTML files to be converted. Click Select Index File.

Choose how many pages deep to go into the website.

  • 1 level = the current URL page.
  • 2 levels = the current page and all linked pages.
  • 3 levels = the current page, all linked pages, all linked pages on those pages.
  • etc…

Follow links to:
There are three options. Assuming you wanted to make a PDF of the URL you would use the options as described below.

  • Subtree: Most limiting. If you start with the above web site, /macbookair/ acts as the subtree, meaning all included HTML files will start:
  • Server: If you start with the above web site then all included HTML files will start:
  • Any: Most encompassing. Will ignore Subtree and Server and collect any linked page, regardless of URL relationship.

Maximum number of pages:
Limit the number of pages collected.

Open Page Setup…
Open the Page Setup to choose the PDF Page size (e.g. US, A4).

Set the amount of space between the text's edge and the page's edge.

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