User Guide
Nitro PDF Pro iOS

Editing Documents

Create a new document

  1. Tap “Create Document” from Files view, then select a type of new page: blank, lined, graph paper, or from a photo.

Add a page to a document

  1. From Page view, tap “Thumbnail”  to get to Thumbnail view.
  2. Tap “Edit.”
  3. Tap “+.” Select a type of new page: blank, lined or graph paper, or from a photo.

Add text using the Text markup tool and images using the Library (see Editing).

Combine Documents

To merge or combine multiple PDFs into a single document:

  1. From Documents view, tap “Select.”
  2. Tap to select the documents you want to join.
  3. Tap “Join” in the Toolbar.

Extract Pages

To extract pages from an open document:

  1. From Page view, tap “Thumbnail” to get to Thumbnail view.
  2. Tap “Edit.”
  3. Tap to select the pages you want to extract.
  4. Tap “+.”
  5. Choose “Create document from pages.”

Insert Page Numbers

  1. From Page view tap “Tools”  > “Insert Page Numbers.”
  2. Select your preferred options. There are several to choose from.
    • Position: Numbers appear at the top or bottom of each page.
    • Alignment: Numbers appear left, center, or right justified, or at the inner or outer corners book-style.
    • Format: Select from numbers, roman numerals, letters or Bates numbering.
    • Prefix: Used for Bates numbering.
    • Digits: Select number of digits in number. For example, 04 vs. 0004. Used for Bates numbering.
    • Starting Page: Start numbering on any page.
    • Include number on first page: Exclude number from first page.
  3. Tap “Done” to finish, or “Cancel” to quit without adding page numbers.

Document Info

View your document’s info. Info includes the following:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Keywords
  • Creator
  • Producer
  • Created
  • Modified

Annotation Author

Set the Author name which appears at the bottom of notes and certain stamps. Set the Author name:

  1. Tap “Tools”  > “Settings” >Annotation Author.
  2. In the popup window type the name you want to appear at the bottom of your notes text areas and stamps. When you share a document other people will be able to see this name.
  3. Tap “OK” to finish.

Add Watermarks

Stamp pages in your document with a watermark, such as “DRAFT” or a company logo. Watermarks can be images or text boxes and appear behind the text of the document. Only one watermark is allowed per page. Different watermarks can be applied to alternating pages using even and odd distribution.

Add a watermark to a document

  1. Add a text imprint or an image to your document. See Working With Text or Media.
  2. From the context menu choose “Make Watermark.”
  3. In the following dialog, select your preferences, then tap Convert. Select from an array of options, including:
    • Range: specify a custom page range
    • Apply To: Even / Odd / All pages
    • Opacity: make the image semi-transparent by selecting 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, or 100% opacity
    • Rotation: rotate a text box 45° or 90° degrees
  4. If you change your mind, tap Cancel.

Edit a watermark

Watermarks cannot be edited directly after they are applied on a document.

Fill out a form

To start, open a form in PDFpen. If it is a web form use “Open In…” Pinch and drag your fingers to zoom in / out and pan.

Interactive Forms:

  1. Tap on any field. The field outline will turn blue when active.
  2. Begin typing.
  3. Tab through the fields using the left or right arrows higlighted in blue on your keyboard.

Flat Forms:

  1. Add a text box in each area that needs filling out using the text tool 
  2. Tap in that field to enter text. Add a new field for each form area.

Add a signature

Add your signature using the Scribble markup tool to hand write it (see Annotating), by importing a scanned image of your signature through the Media tab of the Library, see Editing for details, or using a specialized signature field described below.

Make background transparent
When using a scan of your signature, make it look more natural by making the background transparent. Tap your signature image, tap “Info,” under “Image” tap “Make Transparent.”


Signature Fields

Some documents contain special signature fields, which are supported by PDFpen. Tap on a signature field of this type, and a field the width of the screen will appear allowing you the maximum possible area to sign. PDFpen does not support the creation of these types of fields.

Once the signature is complete, close the field by tapping the up-arrow on the right-hand side of the editing bar.


PDFpen saves automatically as you edit. Remove recent unwanted changes by tapping Undo .


If you opened your document from Files view, changes will save back to that location. You can email your document, or, export a copy of it into another app, using the Share menu. For steps and full details, see Exporting.

Flatten a Document

Annotations, such as comment boxes, highlights, and signatures, can be edited by other PDF editors once you share a document. A way to prevent this is to flatten a document, thereby removing the ability to edit annotations. This will not effect the version of the document you are currently editing.

For steps, and full details, see Exporting: Flatten a Document


PDFpen for iPad & iPhone cannot OCR documents. PDFpen for Mac can OCR documents.

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