Gestione dei documenti

Gestione dei documenti
eSign a Document
luglio22 ,202102 :04 AM
With Nitro Sign, you can quickly and easily add your electronic signature to any document.
Gestione dei documenti
View status & history of a PDF file
luglio22 ,202101 :54 AM
Staying up to date on the status and history of your documents is easy
Gestione dei documenti
Versioning a Document
luglio22 ,202101 :37 AM
In Nitro Sign, new versions of documents can be uploaded for any document that has not been shared or is not currently a part of a signature workflow. Earlier versions of a document can also be viewed and downloaded.
Gestione dei documenti
Rename, Duplicate, or Delete a Document
18 maggio 2021, 19:49
All documents uploaded to Nitro Sign can be renamed, duplicated, or deleted at any point—irrespective of the status of the document.
Gestione dei documenti
Download and Store Documents
04 maggio 2021, 19:15
You can export documents residing in Nitro Sign by downloading them to your local desktop or by copying it to a cloud storage location.
Gestione dei documenti
Compress & Optimize Documents
03 maggio 2021, 03:15
The Optimize tool can be used to reduce the size of large documents to improve shareability while maintaining the document's appearance.
Gestione dei documenti
Cancel an eSignature Request
29 aprile 2021, 14:21
A signature request can be cancelled at any point before the document has been signed by all recipients.
Gestione dei documenti
Add Multi-Factor Authentication
29 aprile 2021, 14:01
How to add Multi-Factor Authentication to an eSignature Request
Gestione dei documenti
Add a document
26 marzo 2021, 13:36
You can add documents to My Documents from both your local machine as well as the following storage providers:
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