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Text boxes and call outs

Text boxes allow you to position important text clearly on the page. text boxes are always visible. Unlike sticky notes, they cannot be opened or closed.

Call outs are a type of text box that includes an arrow, which you can point to a specific location on the same page of the PDF document. This can be useful for associating a comment with a particular section of text or image.

Nota: Unless otherwise stated, instructions for text boxes apply to call outs.

To add a text box comment:

  1. On the Review tab, in the Markup group, click on either Text Box or Call Out
  2. Click on the PDF document page where you wish to place the text box, and then enter your text

To edit text in an existing text box:

  1. Use the Hand tool, Select tool, or any Comment tool to double-click in a text box where you wish to edit text
  2. Edit the text

Punta: When you edit text in a text box, you can use the Format tab to change properties for font, alignment, or spacing of text.

To configure the appearance of a text box comment:

  1. Use the Hand tool, Select tool, or any Comment tool to right-click the text box
  2. Nel menu, seleziona Proprietà
  3. On the GeneralAppearance or Font tabs, edit properties
  4. Clic Vicino

To move or resize a text box:

  • To move a text box, click and drag it to the desired location. You can independently reposition the arrow on a call out by dragging its red handles.
  • To resize a text box, click and drag the red handles on its edges

Punta: If the cursor is blinking inside the text box, it means it is in text-editing mode. To edit the text box properties, click outside of the text box to leave text-editing mode, then right-click the text box and choose Properties from the menu.

To set the default appearance of text boxes:

  1. Use the Hand tool, Select tool, or any Comment tool to right-click a text box with the desired appearance
  2. Nel menu, seleziona Rendi le proprietà correnti predefinite

Note: Default properties for text boxes are independent of defaults for call outs

To delete a text box:

Utilizzare lo strumento Mano, lo strumento Seleziona o qualsiasi strumento Commento per eseguire una delle seguenti operazioni:

  • Right-click the Text Box, and in the menu, select Delete
  • Click the Text Box, and press Delete
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