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Initial View Properties

PDF documents can be set to display in particular ways when opened in a PDF viewer. For example, if your document contains bookmarks and you want them to be easily accessible, you can set the document to open with the Bookmarks pane already displayed. You can also set your PDF so it’s displayed at a particular zoom level, opens at a particular page, and so on. In Nitro Pro these settings are all controlled in the Document Properties dialog.

  • Navigation: Sets which pane is displayed by default. The Bookmarks pane, Pages pane, or no pane
  • Page view: Sets the page mode to open with, Single, Continuous, Facing, or Facing Continuous
  • Zoom: Sets default magnification level. Choose from zoom percentage, or choose from the Fit Page, Fit Width and Fit Height settings
  • Always open document to page: Specifies which page to open the PDF at
  • Resize window to fit document: Resizes the size of the window to fit the magnification size specified for the document to display at
  • Center window on screen: Opens the application window in the center of your screen
  • Full-screen mode: Opens the document in full-screen mode
  • Window title: Set what is displayed in the title bar of the PDF viewer. Either the file name or the document title field
  • Hide menu bar: Stops the menus from appearing when a PDF is opened in Adobe Reader or Acrobat
  • Hide tools: Stops the toolbars from appearing when a PDF is opened in Adobe Reader or Acrobat
  • Hide window controls: Stops the left pane and status bar from appearing when a PDF is opened in Adobe Reader or Acrobat

How to set initial view properties:

  1. Click the File menu button, click Document Properties, and then click the Initial View tab
  2. Click the options you would like to use
  3. Clic ok
  4. In the Document Properties dialog, click OK
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